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G-Reco: About “Sky Gundam”

Pretty nice design isn’t it? Apparently this is one of the 3 pictures given as an “Early Designs Set” to attendees of the “Creators Talk Night” event at the last screening of G-Reco’s special advance cut at Shinjuku Piccadilly. But is it an early design of G-Self or a hint of the mid-season upgrade?

The answer is its NOT both.
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Gundam Build Fighters Try PV, G-Reco update

An English subbed PV was uploaded on YouTube yesterday (22/8) found out via Gundam Guy, watched it and thought I’d write something on it :P

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Avex Trax’s a-nation concert artist and pricing predictions


Aside from Anison, ask any teenager in the 90s and early 2000s and they will tell you that Japanese Pop will most likely have a place in their music library. One of the biggest music companies in Japan, Avex Trax used to retail tons of CDs produced and marketed by their Taiwan and Hong Kong counterparts in Singapore. Sadly, the J-pop flame died right before the K-pop fever took over.

But with the resurgence of Japanese music, more and more Japanese performers and artistes look towards Singapore as a place to perform, more than ever before. And with that, Avex decided to have Singapore as one of the venues to hold their Summer concert “a-nation” in October later this year.

At press time (okay this is just a blog, but hey, it means at the moment this article is published) the performers list has yet to be revealed. Hence, here are my predictions on the artist list as well as the ticket pricing tiers.

(Disclaimer: in no way am I associated with Avex and/or its partners. The following are speculations based on my personal observations)

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Amuse Entertainment Singapore bringing Lantis Festival to Singapore in 2015; artiste and location picks


(Disclaimer: in no way am I associated with Lantis, Amuse Singapore and/or its partners. The following are speculations based on my personal observations)

Earlier this week, Amuse Asia’s facebook page posted something very interesting to Anisong fans in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Here’s an excerpt of the post:

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Double the Gundam goodness coming October!

Picture by Susagane

We know that G-Reco will be going on Japan TV in the coming October (but before that episode 1-3 will show in select theaters in August and than on the docomo Anime Store in September).

Just today the next title in the Gundam Build Fighters series is revealed! Gundam Build Fighters Try will also be showing coming October. So its going to be double the “G” this October!

With the GBF Try offcial site launch, the G-Reco site has also been updated.
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Completing the G-Reco translation

Picture by Wanaata

The “Gundam Reconguista in G” official site just got a major update recently, especially interesting is the “World” section of the site which contains information on the story, characters, mecha and a glossary. had translated the story, characters and mecha pages so I thought maybe I could complete it and translate the glossary section :P

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Perfume World Tour 3rd finally heading to USA, London, Singapore!


It is a pity that I will not be going to Perfume’s Japan tour “Gurun Gurun”, but sure made me happy in the wee hours of the morning.

At around 5AM (GMT+8), Perfume fans from all over were going bonkers over articles both online and on newspapers from Japan.

As of 7AM Singapore time, Perfume’s official site has announced World Tour 3rd and its venues!

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Ways for Destiny to appeal to the Japanese/Asian market

With the short week-long alpha launch of Destiny last week during E3, much of the elements within the gameplay look very promising. Of course, Bungie also announced that a PC version isn’t completely off the radar, so that would naturally be my choice of platform for any kind of First Person Shooter game.

A couple of months ago, Bungie announced that they’ll be spending US$500,000,000 (that’s five hundred million for those who can’t count the zeroes) for Destiny’s projected 10-year life cycle, which include everything from development to marketing and the like. That is a lot of money, probably more than World of Warcraft has ever invested in thus far, and definitely more than GTA V.

Since this is mainly a Japanese sub-culture blog, I’ll talk about the elements that may work with the Japanese and Asian market when it comes to content.

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Weekday Gunpla workshops for the June holidays


Yesterday’s workshop was met with great response! As a result, I have decided to hold additional workshops on weekdays for students and those who are having school holidays.

Weekday lessons include the following:

Basics of sanding
- introduction: experience of gunpla for each applicant
- introduction and demonstration on various grit grades for which application
- practice session for all applicants
- assessment

Basics of part modification and adjustment
- introduction: gates, sprues and its uses for broken or lost parts, and the use of plastic cement
- demonstration of sharpening of blades and v-fins
- practice of sharpening of blades and v-fins
- assessment of sharpening of blades and v-fins

It will be a two-hour session from 1pm to 3pm for weekdays (Mon/Wed).
Fee: SGD10
Location: Tampines
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Things to bring: your kit, basic tools (if any)
Tools: Craft Knife, Sandpaper

The weekday workshop begins tomorrow, and will last till June 30 (Monday). Book your slot via email at!


Aside from workshops, I also provide Gunpla assembly and painting services!
Basic kit service
(1/144 HG/SD – S$150, 1/100 – S$180, RG/MG – S$200-S$300, PG – up to S$700)
- Full colour paint of original kit colours
- basic modding (Sanding of all parts, sharpening V-fins)
- panel lining
- matt topcoat

Additional rates:
- Decaling + S$30 – S$50
- Custom colour scheme + S$20 – S$50
- usage of metallic/clear colours + S$10 per colour
- weathering + S$10-S$50 depending on requirements
*Take note that I don’t do army camouflage or pixel camouflage colour schemes. Rates do not include the price of commissioned kits.

All applicants for my workshops will automatically be entitled for a S$50 discount on their first kit commission!

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Gunpla Tips – 5 things you should take note

The fairly recent end of Gundam Build Fighters and its upcoming Season 2 announcement revived many Gundam fans’ passion for Gunpla. Gundam Unicorn’s finale also contributed to that.

So you went to pick up a kit on your favourite Mobile Suit, fixed it up, and wondered why it didn’t turn out what you have expected. You went online for some tips, but simply cannot understand all that jargon. Here are five tips that all Gunpla builders should take note.
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