The Bonkurasu Brigade

Cosfest Day 1: This extremely short report…

…is made up of one video which sums up the lolwut of the area around the C.D.S booth (Aside from the impromptu SWR and Pangya JP, Hi, I am a Rake (Zentradi Fork) and In Soviet Russia, Bjorn Meets You session setups.)

Video credits to Aka. Video features possible brain-breaking content, brought to you by the genius of the one Mista Yoh (Mycstea now) and the unfathomable depths of the random plum.

And since 90% of the people I know couldnt recognize me (Even my classmate from the previous semester ;_;), here’s a picture for posterity

The rice crac-, um, Sen-cha- Right, Senti was unable to come yesterday because he was finishing up cosplay shopping. Let us shower him with appreciation by spamming sending him milfy cosplay pictures on IRC!

And for everyone else heading down later, we’re in the same team today so if you spot us do say hi :3


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