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[Japan – Day 1] Touchdown

Me, Zelfi of NKDS and Jinyamoto are in Japan on a 12-day trip right now. Thanks to everyone who came to send us off yesterday, despite it being 4am in the morning.

Having to wake at 3am, I decided not to sleep altogether. It wasn’t very pleasant as I ended up having a migraine at the airport, but I got better after sleeping through most of the 7-hour flight.

I woke up once in a while to take pictures of the sky 8D

And finally, as our destination approaches-


The first train ticket I’ve bought. We are staying at K’s House, Tokyo, so we followed the directions as given from their site and bought a ticket to Kuramae.

From the airport to the train ride, the temparature was nearly the same as what I’ve experienced in Singapore. However, upon disembarking at Aoto, the greatness of autumn hit me. Between 16-18 deg Celsius, it was like being in air-conditioned comfort, but outdoors.

Some sights from the long train ride

Reached the hostel without much difficulty. Am loving the single room :D

After a bit of settling down, we went out to the Asakusa area in search of dinner. Vending machines are everywhere.

This one is for cigarettes, and is a common sight at corners.

Bottled liquor too. They really do appreciate vending machines.

Ice cream!

Cute soft toy shop, may visit tomorrow.

Made our way to the first shop that seemed liked it still had seats, and found ourselves at a handmade udon shop, which turned out to be pretty good.

And my first proper meal of the day was dinner, orz.

After dinner, we hit one arcade! And another! And yet another!

They had Taiko 12. I carried out my duty as a minion of the Namco empire, and with great pride and joy.

First up, Caramell Dansen! A slightly draining song, but fun nonetheless.

They had O2.

And I managed to set the high score.

This is Over The Future, before…

And after :D

Zel and me conquered the pair-score rankings too

7th place:

Perfume’s Polyrhythm. AMAZING STUFF, especially at the end, with the repeating notes for the ri-ruupu part.

Do-dai was cuteness. We need this version in our arcades ASAP.

Jinya and Zel at Break The Chain.

Zel got a rank-in for it too :D

There was Mojipittan, I never knew an arcade version existed.

And a cool Gundam-pod-cockpit game (Also by the Namco empire) which Jinya tried. He got a card with his name on it. He’s apparently part of Zeon now.

I’m madly in love with the arcades here, but the only gripe I have is that all of them reek of cigarette smoke. But for the quality of the newer games, I’m more than willing to put up with it :o

We went shopping at Daiso and a DVD/CD rental shop (Which had pretty recent (but used) CDs on sale from 100 yen to 300 yen).

Today’s loot:

To end off, here’s the icon of Asakusa, taken at night on our way back.

A very happy and satisfied Ume, out.


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  1. tamaro December 22nd, 2008 4:06 pm

    nice pic :o

    hey, that kirin beer in the vending machine reminds me of its plastic dragon head top cap i used to keep lol

  2. leonfznf December 22nd, 2008 10:47 pm

    ooo the envy envy! Tonikaku Daiseiko VV.

  3. Damien December 23rd, 2008 12:16 am

    nice pics vivi =)

  4. bj0rN December 25th, 2008 7:28 am


    Looks like you are having fun there. Meanwhile back at home, we’re trying out this new game called the jukebox by Konami. Quite a nice interactive music game. You all should try it when you all return. Then again, it’s probably there already. ORZ

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