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[Japan – Day 2] Otome Caek

Spending the entire day at Ikebukuro has left me completely beat. Hours of trawling through Otome Road and flipping through shelves and piles of doujinshi, cds, and other goods has left my arms quite sore.

We’ll start from the beginning. Woke up at 5am today and went to the nearby vending machine to get coffee. When Zelfi and Jinya woke up, we headed to Asakusa for breakfast.

The shop was slightly larger than the udon place we went to for dinner the previous night, and operated based on a vending machine, the ones which dispenses coupons with the name of the dish.

It would seem like an unlikely combination, but natto tastes wonderful with soba.

After breakfast, we headed to the train station. Took the Tsukuba Express to Akihabara, but this is not where we planned to spend the day doing m4d sp3nding. It was to transfer to the JR line, to Ikebukuro.

Early morning rush

Reached Ikebukuro a little too early at 10am, and had to kill time till 11am (when all the shops open). We walked around and looked at stuff.

Toranoana store front.

Ito-En produced FF Dissidia drinks, spotted when buying tea from the supermarket.

Upon noticing cinemas, we looked for theaters screening Kara no Kyoukai. We found one but did not proceed to check the ticketing status; however we also chanced upon a very interesting poster…

GOTH has a movie. For the uninitiated, GOTH is a novel by Otsu-Ichi which offers an interesting perspective about murder. There is a single-volume manga for it, but I would recommend the novel over that because of its strong descriptive prose and well-paced plot progression.

I hope we get to catch this, along with Kara no Kyoukai 6 on our next Ikebukuro trip.

As it was still early, this HMV outlet wasn’t open. We didn’t have the chance to go in even after opening time because this took up most of our afternoon…

Otome Road.

We stood outside Animate a little before 11am, and went in when they finally opened.

No pictures here, but we went through all the floors and left satisfied. We went on to explore Lashinbang and K-Books, all of which yielded great returns.

At 1:30pm, we had finished going through what the Road had to offer, and went for lunch. It was another shop with a ticket dispenser, and I had udon again. Cold weather makes one want to eat warm, soup-based foods, I suppose.

The okra was in a perfect star shape, and the noodles were pleasantly chewy. This meal was delicious, too.

Met up with Zelfi’s friend from NUS, and went for a short karaoke session. The thought of being able to sing newer songs made me really excited, because here in Singapore the karaoke machines were last updated July 2008.

I started the session with Perfume’s Love The World, which I always wanted to sing in karaoke but never had the chance to.

And so the song played. Wait, this is—

Oh god, this beats karaoke in puny Singapore by a mile. This machine, this BBcyberDAM, despite being the same model as the one in Cash Studios (local karaoke box), used the original PV as the background video. It made my day.

I tried again with Dream Fighter, and it had the official PV too. Anime songs also had background videos from their corresponding anime. Sobakasu has Kenshin, F.D.D had random scenes from Chaos;Head itself, and later tries of Sousei no Aquarion and Zankoku no Tenshi no Theses had original anime videos. W. I. N.

When the two hours were up, we headed out of the building and into the rain. The weather got progressively chilly that night.

Our last stop was Toranoana. Again, I was not free from purchases 8D

The loot? The loot, I say! Today’s loot is nosebleed worthy, fangirl-worthy! I present to you, The Loot!

From top left: Uroboros’s infamous Nagato Yuki doujin, Kantoku’s Nanoha doujin, whitepaper (shiro)’s Higurashi doujin, a random SZS doujin, Toho Nifun’s epic (EPIC!) Koumakyou Part 1 and 2, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Kyou, Gachikoi, which has ojousama Patchouli and faek old-shoujo style jokes, this BL doujin with Iiiiiiitsuki and Kyon doing unthinkable things, Kindergarten Geass which has C.C. bullying Suzaku and Lelouch being a crybaby, hot Feito-mama, a Miku doujin from her creator himself, Kei, the Blood Tune novel featuring Seira-tan on the cover, Mizuki Nana’s Trickster single which came with a photo print of Mizuki Nana herself, Perfume’s Love The World L.E. single, though it was odd to find it in Animate, of all places, a CD I bought just for the cover (Nakamura Yuuichi’s on it, thats enough reason, and before I knew it I donated more money to Animate, and crap I have no idea what this CD is about…), and a Haruhi sound-drop.

Thats it for today, now for me to rest my tired limbs and enjoy the above.


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  1. Zelfi December 22nd, 2008 9:45 pm

    Its been a fun day watching her self-destruct over many stuffs

  2. Daidairo December 22nd, 2008 9:50 pm

    Ahahahahahahhhh!!! Looks like you had fun!

    Ore mo ikitaiiiiiii.

    …Though I probably wouldn’t buy doujin. I’d buy tons of music cds and untranslated games. XD

  3. leonfznf December 22nd, 2008 11:05 pm

    It will be years later before I can step foot there haha, but wow, great pics! especially the ones around Ikebukuro…and doujins GET!

  4. Damien December 23rd, 2008 12:17 am

    Can i steal ur doujin? lol

  5. bj0rN December 25th, 2008 7:30 am

    Holy sheet.That’s alot of stuff. >.< And wtf?! GOTH Movie?! WTFX0R!!! *fanboys*

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