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[Japan – Day 3] Lucky Star is Serious Business

Spent the day at Washinomiya today. Got lost looking for the train station on the way back.

Legs! Dying!

I’ll probably make this post as quick as possible. Need to rest in order to prepare for tomorrow, too.

Starting from the very beginning again, we had breakfast at another random eatery. I ordered a rather large set consisting of a bowl of udon and another bowl of rice topped with grated yam.

And this is the vending machine that dispenses coupons you use for ordering food. Its still pretty novel to me.

After breakfast, we took a short walk over to the Sensou-ji…

The icon of Asakusa!

The stuff of Reimu’s dreams.

And omiyage sauce Nakamise

Most of the shops either sell trinkets or snacks. In short, its one hell of a tourist hotspot.

The automation is amazing!

Senbei’s relatives.

It was nearly 10am when we were done so we decided to move on to the main destination for the day: Washinomiya, at Saitama.

Seen on the way to the station, C.C.

And lovely strawberries with not-so-lovely prices.

Washinomiya’s a pretty quiet and laid back area, but its been made into another tourist spot because of KyoAni and their evil marketing techniques. Yes, Washinomiya is home to the shrine of the Hiiragi sisters, of Lucky Star (And Saimoe) fame.

Upon reaching the station, a short scan for area maps revealed this:

It’s probably something of a main attraction, now.

While going down the road towards the shrine, I spotted this…

Awe. This is really a town that embraced Lucky☆Star for all of its marketability. Theres even a banner acknowledging its presence in the area.

More signs of this being not actually just-another-small-town-on-the-outskirts but a Lucky Star amusement park.

The shops along the way all had Lucky Star related posters up. There was only one thing to do.

In action.

What, Lucky Senbei?

And Lucky Liquor, on top of that.

We entered the shop promptly, and saw this tower of Lucky Sen-chans-

I bought a box for Sen-chan. It’s his share of omiyage. I got a Lucky Scratch-card from a Lucky Box for purchasing the Lucky Senbei.

Didn’t get anything after all. All that luck probably canceled each other out.

Upon reaching the carpark in front of the famous shrine, we chanced upon a small itasha gathering

Hachune Miku!

Someone really likes his seiyuu

From the same car-

Moving on to the shrine. First thing to catch our attention-

Ooh my…

Hanyuu, this is the wrong shrine.

I lol’ed (Ore Watashi ga Gundam da – Seiei Setsuna


Person who puts up something everytime he comes, and numbers them accordingly.

Apparently number 58 is today’s addition, as DM’s report from yesterday states 57 as the latest number. Does this guy visit everyday or something?

We went around the shrine and did the usual things people do when visiting a shrine.

It was a normal shrine.

This was at the exit. Happy belated birthday, Yutaka-chan!

And this is probably not on purpose, but–

It was lunch-time and there was this shop joining in the fan-milking by selling the bentos of legend – the ones featured in the anime, the bentos of the Hiiragi sisters.

Tsukasa makes her bentos elaborate.. (1000 yen each)

While Kagamin keeps hers simple due to lack of skill… (500 yen each)

I went for Kagamin because I am cheapskate because I like salmon better than meat patties.

A regular clothes shop, selling cosplay uniforms.

We got a little lost here, but we passed a Daiso outlet the size of a supermarket, and had totally awesome things going for 100yen and slightly more. Such a wonderful place.

We went in and didn’t come out for the next hour.

Resuming the journey back to the train station, and we got even more lost than we were previously.

Some sights from the long walk (direct cause of sore feet)

An abandoned scrapyard

We finally resolved to ask someone for directions, and found ourselves at the station at long last.

Sitting down at the stairs to the station, we took a few moments to replenish our HP and also to eat the lunch we had bought.

Would you prefer Tsukasa’s…

Or Kagamin’s..?

Even the chopsticks were wrapped in Lucky Star art.

Despite it being simple, Kagamin’s bento looked damn good.

And it tasted damn good too.

And while its a pretty odd selection of purchases today, here’s the usual loot pic.

Yes I bought a doorplate that says Nakamura from Daiso 8D

Geh, I’ll be off to rest now. Will be back, again, tomorrow! :>


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  1. Damien December 23rd, 2008 10:24 pm

    wow! Konata!

  2. kusakabemisao December 24th, 2008 7:59 am

    lol’d at setsuna haha!
    thanks for sharing your great journey and pictures
    i need to go there one day…

  3. bj0rN December 25th, 2008 7:34 am

    Hmm… Hiiragi bentos… I would have eaten both of them instead. =D~

  4. Diego December 28th, 2008 9:26 pm

    I’d buy both bento, stuff them in a vacuum-sealed portable cryogenic unit and preserve them for all eternity. Then I’d buy extras and have myself a Hiiragi feast.

    I wonder how much a Miyuki version would have cost. Nothing but the best for Takara-sama, after all.

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