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[Japan – Day 4 and 5] Christmas?

A merry Kud christmas to all

The previous two nights were spent watching late night Christmas SPs on TV till early in the morning (Capsule and Perfume were on the same programme, which made me very happy :3), hence I shall lump the updates meant to be posted over Christmas into this one post.

On to Day 4!

I’m loving the bentos here. They still taste good cold, and this particular one was pretty cheap (Less than 500yen).

After breakfast, we took the Tsukuba Express to the second land of financial abyss: Akihabara.

It was still rather quiet when we got there in the morning

Fate/Unlimited Codes!

Rows of shops with cheap electrical parts. We didn’t have time to look at what they were selling in detail though.

More F/UC promotional banners. Saber Lily is hot.

IM@S PSP out soon. The promotion setup was way too cute

Chaos;Head promo on lift. This is also the first shop we went into, and would stay for 3 hours that day, as there were apparently wonderful MTG cards going for cheap, and Zel and Jinya stayed there to go through every single card they had.

After we were done looking through and picking out cards, we went down the street to Kotobukiya. Wasn’t really eventful, however a little while later, as we entered Sega Station, I found the UFO catcher machine with Nico Nico’s TV-mascot.

Too. Damn. Cute. There went 500yen (6 tries), and without any profit :< I'm terrible at catchers, I guess.

More drab buildings with beautiful ad-banners.

We didn’t go into the hueg Taito Game Centre D: But there are plans for a second trip, so we’ll go to arcade heaven then.

We did, however, go into several second hand figure shops (Yellow Submarine and Liberty), make a round up five stories of AsoBit City, and spend a large part of the afternoon in K-Books.

Za-ha-ha Loot picture; Now, this is one hell of a loot picture.

DMC shirt from Asobit city, W-S F/SN deck/ LB booster box for Mista (also at NKDS), LB card sleeves (Kud and Komari/Rin :3), Famicom catridges (Takeshi no Chousenjou, Xevious -zomg its a gold cartridge- and a non-pirated copy of Mappy), Dengeki Bunko (which comes with a large poster of Noiji-drawn Shana <3), Miku doujins, STEM OF RADIANT, a Kyonko doujin, A WHOLE LOT OF FATE 83 and Sachiel, a Nanoha/Evangelion parody of sorts, both parts. - On Day 5, we returned to Ikebukuro to see the Mizuki Nana Live Fighter Costume Exhibition at Animate and to pick up things we had wanted to buy the previous round. We went early to have breakfast there too. After a quick breakfast of bento and bread (And epic pigeon feeding), we went to Toys R’ Us at Sunshine City.

1. Toys R Us (JP) sells Idolm@ster figures.

2. Toys R Us (JP) carries gunpla madness.

And Busou Shinki!

We also saw the alternate poster for the GOTH movie seen on Day 2

Having done our shopping, we returned to the hostel to put down the stuff as it would be quite impossible to lug all that loot around Shibuya.

And this is Shibuya.

The 109 :o

Jinya doing his World Ends With You thing.

Super Special♪ (Also, chaotic three way crossing.)

Japan doesn’t leik the tagline, ‘His Master’s Voice’.

Graffiti covered every empty wall in the quieter areas of Shibuya.

A long row of vending machines, possibly a phenomenom unique to Japan.

We passed by a strange event which drew several schoolgirls (They were queueing up like it was Comiket), and stopped to see what was happening

We observed for a good ten minutes but still failed to see what was going on. A quick google for Mae Age Live revealed a compeition-like elimination system, they were probably amateur artistes?

Our main destination was Book-off, a large (3 storeys) second hand shop dealing with CDs, games, books and manga.

I could live in this place. 500 yen PS2 games and CDs on the first floor, heavily marked down concert/live DVDs (I found stuff that used to go for 4000 yen for 1000 yen), games for all manner of consoles going for cheap, depending on condition.

The second storey had mostly books. Here lay cheap artbooks (!) and light novels, and guidebooks for nearly everything.

The third floor was m4d sp3nding heaven, once again. Book-off had two long rows of shelves of manga going for 105yen (!!!) and the rest of the manga there were also, nonetheless, cheap. There were also very recent releases going for half their original price.

Our last stop was a random arcade which had an entire floor dedicated to music games, and we stayed there from 8.30pm till 10.30pm or so.

Needless to say, I didn’t leave empty handed. Here is Day 5’s epic loot picture.

From top left: A whole lot of cheap manga from Book-off, cheap DVDs also from Book-off, cheap secondhand DMC manga vol. 1-6 (at about 300yen per volume), cheap TRC Manga hardcovers (also at around 300 yen per volume, thanks to Lashinbang’s awesome bargain rack), xxxHOLiC 1-11 (for cheaaaap), a music magazine for HMV I bought for obvious reasons, assorted doujinshi (mostly female-oriented) from Mandarake at Ikebukuro, which was filled with fangirls when we were there, making Zel and Jinya look quite out of place, which was amusing), Oofuri DVDs my collection was missing, from K-Books, a second-hand copy of King Gong, once again cheaper, and a special mini file and telephone card set I got as a free gift from Lashingbang.

And last but not least…

Live Fighter, side red, shown here with the animate tokuten booklet and poster <3 That concludes the post. We'll be off to see the Tokyo Tower today, see you later :D


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  2. Xin December 26th, 2008 5:41 pm

    Gah! I want to know if they have a huge rack of Tomica toy cars in that Toys ‘R’ Us. I’ve been wanting to buy some their exclusive diecasts. (Wonders if you could help me buy one model if you chance upon there again.)

    And, yes, the real onslaught is tomorrow; 3 days in a row!

  3. bj0rN December 26th, 2008 9:49 pm

    Sounds like a nice time to spend there. I actually laughed out loud at jinya trying to do that weird parody act of The World Ends With You. And WTF @ MTG card raid. Oh yeah~ FSN W/S DECK! =O

    And seems like you’ve been getting quite alot of Feito doujins lately… Hmm…

  4. Diego December 28th, 2008 9:06 pm

    Nice haul.

    They let you take photographs in shops, or were those guerrilla shots?

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