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About Cardboard crack, Loveplus and Time machines.

This post is a random rant about my recent life.

Approximately at 1730Hrs on the 16th of October, I succumbed to the temptation and bought a Trial deck(starter pack) of Weiβ Schwarz IdolM@ster cards.



I had the temptation to buy it since it came out a while ago but I was puffing another kind of Cardboard Crack. Magic: The  Gathering and couldn’t afford to keep both games.
The reason I ditched Magic wasn’t because I was sick and tired of the game, but most of the fellows who dragged me into Magic,  decided to move on and play other games. So left without any one to play Magic the Gathering with me, I decided to join another group of friends to play Weiβ Schwarz(henceforth referred to as WS).
WS interests me because, the Sets it takes are from existing ACG titles. I choose the Idolm@ster(henceforth referred to as Im@s) because I like the series. I’m not going to explain how the game works because it’s not a post about the game works.(If you want to find out how does the game work , please go to they have a constantly updating site.)
I guess we have to move on sometimes.

The other issue today that made me think more was about if you could turn back time, would you really want to do it?
I was having dinner with a group of friends. The conversation went something like this.

Friend: You got Loveplus right?
ME: Yeah?
Friend: Could you lend me your DS to let me play the game?
Me: Erm? I think it’s not really a good idea. I haven’t been actively playing, Rinko is going to get angry on me if I turn it on now.
Me: Never mind, If I changed the date back to a certain date, she won’t notice a thing.
Friend: Isn’t that cheating?

In the end I didn’t lend my friend my DS and that was end of the conversation.

It left me thinking after that.
In the end , This was the result.


Hell hath no fury like a girl left alone!

I learnt some lessons today.

1. Treasure you time with your friends, because time moves forward in this world. Once it is gone, it is gone.
2. When it’s time to let go, let go. Save your time, save other people’s time.

Now excuse me as I go back to coax Rinko-chan.

Thanks for reading my random rant.


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  1. omo October 17th, 2009 5:34 am

    Time changing is cheating, but yeah, it can’t be helped sometimes.

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