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Anime blogging – why and for what, exactly?

Here’s the next ‘serious’ article from me – why do people create anime blogs, and blog about anime in general. I’ll start on what I’ve observed amongst local bloggers here.

There are several types of “anime bloggers”, namely:
– Those who blog for fun or as a past time/hobby;
– Those that blog for fame, bragging rights and ‘e-penor’;
– Those that want to make a quick buck by using their blogs as a means of income;
– Those who blog to gain acceptance with the community that they like;
– Those that love to stir unrest amongst people;
– and finally, those who blog to express their views and thought in general, with anime being one of the topics they blog about


Now let’s see, an anime blogger might not fit into only one of the following stated above – some fits all of the types mentioned, while others only belong to one type. While there are some who genuinely want to share their interest, hobbies and occasional news, ultimately it boils down to this question: What does your blog mean to you? I’ll start with Bonkurasu first as an example.

The aim for Bonkurasu is just an outlet to share news and occasionally cover events, share and express our interests. Topics from me would usually be on anison, electro-pop group Perfume, Gunpla, events, rantings on figures and whatnot. Basically it’s just a journal to express my hobbies that are heavily related to the anime community.

This blog isn’t aimed to get high readership, nor create ‘interesting reads’. As stated above, Bonkurasu does and will not partake in any form of flaming wars within bloggers themselves, because this blog is mainly a hobby to express my other interests and hobbies; nothing more, nothing less. This post, however, is an exception.


Now, amongst the blogging community, many are taking up the challenge to follow dannychoo and to create income through that means. Nothing wrong about it, but those very people who wanted to emulate him had it all wrong, especially the local ones. Firstly, none of them are actually dedicated to follow through as most, if not all of them had the followers mentality. One might argue against it, but if without realizing what dannychoo does, nobody would have actually done it as it’s way too risky. The locals will never participate in risk-taking ventures, especially things related to the Internet.

Next would be all the politics and shit being thrown about. People who frequently accept and deny their hobbies on the net. Addressing oneself as a ‘leader’ and authority figure in a blogging community totally does not make sense at all. At least, to me, since blogging is supposed to be like a public journal in the first place.

The ‘quick buck’ scheme also doesn’t work, yet again hindered by the lack of dedication. Amusingly, there are some bloggers who still try means and ways to obtain that golden pot at the end of the rainbow.


Anime blogging as a means of interaction isn’t that much of a problem, but if the said writer/blogger does that as a primary aim for setting up the blog, chances are he/she did it to gain fame as well, which brings back to the points mentioned earlier on.

Now the very things I’m miffed about is bloggers created to stir shit amongst other bloggers who genuinely blog for their own interests. Normally, these people like to assume themselves as a ‘head figure’ of sorts, and like previously mentioned, be an ‘authoritative figure’. It’s just throwing sgcafe into the blogosphere, really. The only difference would be all the profound English thrown about constantly amongst individuals on who can write better or more interesting articles.

Lastly, individuals who somehow blog about anime in their own blogs, since anime is probably one of their lesser interests since they’re mostly casual watchers/fans. But some anime blogs start from that very basic form as they get more involved with this hobby.

The following are merely what I have observed, and obviously no names are being pointed out. As much as people can do whatever they want with their blogs, bringing in the ‘online bully’ syndrome towards innocent bloggers is just totally uncalled for, especially when specific nicknames/blogs are mentioned. I understand that some bloggers might feel the same way towards them after I addressed this topic, but if you do feel that way, that means you are highly likely not the one I’m referring to.

As for you guys reading this, what does your journal/blog mean to you? What was your initial plan for your blog, and have you stuck to your plan? What kind of changes did your blog evolve to?


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  1. Yumeka December 29th, 2009 6:32 am

    The first and last reasons you have on your list apply to me. I blog about anime because I love it and want to share my thoughts about it with others. My blog has never been very popular nor do I instigate arguments or unrest. I just like getting my thoughts out there, that’s all =)

  2. sentinel011 December 29th, 2009 6:42 am


    Commendable effort; Many people would just drop blogging altogether. The other point I’ve forgotten to list is to let friends who share the same hobby or interest as me with the information I’ve blogged on.

  3. zzeroparticle December 29th, 2009 8:17 am

    I think my blog is mostly there to fill out a personal niche. I don’t cover anime so much as anime soundtracks and I do earnestly believe that it’s an aspect of anime that people look over far too easily. So I guess writing about the odd soundtrack here or there is my way of getting people to listen to the music behind some very excellent shows.

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  6. lelangir December 29th, 2009 10:02 am

    At times it as a social networking experiment…then with the music blog I wanted to fill the niche and spread anisong love. Recently I wanted to get back into discussion-based blogging, which would just be for, well, discussion.

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