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Animelo Summer Live 2010 – Evolution

Just back from watching the conference on niconama.


-This year’s theme is Evolution, and will be held on the 8/28 (Sat) and 8/29 (Sun). Ticket sales open 2/22.

-Being an evolution, it is promised to be different from previous Animelos, though how different can Animelo get I can’t imagine.

-fripSide and Sphere are performing on Day 1. Artist lineup details will be released at a later date

-Anisama Girls Night: One night of yuri. Female performers only, and no males permitted in the audience. If fripSide performs Yoshino-san has suggested that Yaginuma-san crossdresses, but it was stated that crossdressers aren’t allowed anyway. Good luck with that transgender op.

-Anisama in Shanghai: The first overseas Animelo. There will be a tour package tie-in with special goods so look out for those.

The blu-ray and DVD for Anisama 2009 Re:bridge goes on sale 2/24.

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