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[22/04] Animelo 2010 updates!


More updates since angela and ALI Project has been announced on the 10th earlier this month (missed that update), and this time, 2 popular anison ladies have been confirmed to perform this year.

Yuuka Nanri performed at Animelo 2009 as part of FictionJunction. This year, she’ll be going solo; as to whether FictionJunction would participate in Animelo this year as well, we can only speculate at this point in time.

Yuuka Nanri will be performing on the 1st day, 28th August.

Minori Chihara, aka Minorin, will be performing on the 2nd day. Her recently announced ‘bonus’ last leg of her “Sing All Love” Tour at Budoukan set a foothold on her popularity as an anison singer, joining the ranks of her peers like Hocchan, Yukarin, Nana and May’n.

Unfortunately, ALI Project happens to perform on the 29th of August as well. I hope that there won’t be any duets with any of the abovementioned ladies, and that the standard should be at the very least, of Animelo 2009’s. The ‘horror’ of Arika ‘butchering’ Nana-chan’s Eternal Blaze still etched deeply into my mind.

I’ve been a little slow with updates due to work, so pardon me.

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  1. TsumetaiShinigami April 25th, 2010 2:10 am

    well Fortunately they all do fine on their own. Fiction junction,Yuuka & Ali Project are way outa ‘nana chan’s’ league anyway. So no worries, she can ‘blaze her eternal’ all by herself as well.

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