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GEEK ALERT: back to basics – PC hardware love

I’ve not been updating much lately, although the gunpla and figurine news in the Holy “Motherland” in Japan has been quite nice lately due to the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show and all. MG The-O to finally release after all but 8 years of “planning”, as well as marked improvements in the figurine mold industry. Not to mention Chogokin gets a new overhaul line with ‘effect’ parts.

(Most of the above can be found at Ngee Khiong’s blog – do check it out; and google for his site)

Now back to business; the main reason why I wasn’t preoccupied with updating this blog was that I got in touch with my first interest/hobby, mainly PCs. I had my first PC when I was 5, shared with my elder brother, no less. PC gaming was in my blood, with mentions of KARATEKA(?) still in my head.

Though by no means it was competitive.

But anyway, having my very own PC clashed with another hobby of mine – Cosplay. Cosplay took precedence, as in my adolescence, making new friends in person while being involved in a hobby proved a more interesting territory.

From this……
… this.

Now that the cosplay scene’s more of a bitchfest than anything else (can’t say for those who still do it out of passion than e-penor), and lacking shelf space to house anything at all, I look back into my very first “hobby” – PCs and its components.

While I quit cosplaying, I still hold much respect for those who are able to upkeep that hobby, make friends, and enjoy their time and experience being the character that they like. I, for one, lack the committment and interest to hold on to this hobby.

Gunpla was something special to me, since it provided the much needed attention to destress from school work 15 years ago. The staggering amount of kits I have currently – over 300 in all – proved that it was hard to display half of the collection I have in a shared room less than 20sqm. I was still quite up-to-date on news in the PC enthusiasts community back then, but being the school kid I am, getting those parts are just a dream.

While being semi-disillusioned at the lack of a proper ‘hobby’ to persue, I went to local PC forums and check out some less-than-ordinary self-built PCs. Gleaming high-end parts and chassis gave me a heart attack in my 20s. Well, figuratively. My eyes were practically glowing like how a 5-year-old kid would be like outside Candy Empire. For guys, it’s like watching Top Gear. Or whatever fits your interest.

Let me share a bit of my hobby timeline:

Age 5: PCs
Age 10: Gunpla/PCs
Age 13: mostly Gunpla
Age 16/17: Mostly Cosplay; Gunpla
Age 21: Mostly Gunpla/Figurines; Cosplay
Age 23: Quit Cosplay; Gunpla/Figurines
Age 25: Mostly PCs; Gunpla and a hint of Figurines

PCs can have bling bling too, like cars!

So yes, currently things like performance RAMs, sleek casings with clear side panels to show off your components, LED lights to increase the ‘cool’ factor – the list goes on and on. Much like how the typical Singaporean “Ah Beng” would ‘zhng’ his car. Except that PC enthusiasts are less likely to challenge/beat up each other in a speedtest on whose rig will run faster.

So yes, I’m back to being a PC enthusiast. Or PC otaku.

(Disclaimer: this post is by no means to say that I will still update regularly, or not update at all for the next few months. Bonkurasu has and will always be a random blog filled with my interests and happenings that I feel I’d want to share with people who share the same passion as myself)

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