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Tie-ups and possibly more???

AFA X had a second press conference today, and well, what made me very excited was a very possible JAM PROJECT + ANIKI DUET!!!!


    “Jam Project and Ichirou Mizuki will be having a special performance together in AFA X !”

^Taken from sgcafe, one of AFA X’s online media partners.

Super Robot fans will rejoice, as this is one of the rare times Aniki and JAM Project ever performed live together! Shedding manly tears now brb.



Now that I’m all rather calm and sober, which song do you think they might perform? Personally I am voting for Stormbringer, though. Pretty hot-blooded song, fairly new too. =D There are many songs that they could possibly collaborate, such as Soultaker, Hagane no Messiah… etc etc.

Oh Oh, not to miss on is angela performing with Soukyuu no Fafner visuals. Nostalgia will definitely hit the anime fan, especially those who caught the anime. In fact, angela’s song for the OP of the anime probably propelled it to be more famous and awesome than it’s supposed to be originally.

So to all angela fans, please grab your towels! Bring one with you, or maybe you could possibly buy one at AFA Shop, who knows?

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