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Perfume TOKYO DOME LIVE review and clips from the news

There was a compilation of videos publicising from various news and variety shows about the girls’ Tokyo Dome live, but I couldn’t find it. Oh well, at least there’s this one.

Review of the live after the cut; credits due to Spike from Perfume City Forums; I’ve edited to suit my experience =D

Arriving at the venue

I came back to the venue at 9.30am, queuing for the live goods. There was already quite a long queue in front of me, my friend and some taiwanese fans who came over too. The goods queue started moving at 10.30am, and I got my items by 11.10am. From then on, the Perfume cosplayers started coming in ‘batches’. I will make a seperate post on the cosplayers =P

Concert review
Its been 2 days and my memory is a bit fuzzy so I’m might miss a few things.
The crowd tension was pretty high before concert began.
I think around 5.15 pm, everybody started clapping hands together and it was really loud. You could feel the excitement and the energy in the air at that point.
The main stage was a circle that had 3 long platforms coming out of it.
There was some sort of cloth that was hung like a teepee at the circle stage. Pretty cool.
I was at the area nearer to the main stage; most of the time the girls were performing on the centre stage at the catwalk, so I could only see their ass most of the time. Nocchi and ksyk have cute asses though =DDDDDD

Secret Secret
All the girls started to rise out slowly from the end of the long platforms. They wore some sort of wedding dress inspired costume that had a really long shawl/cape thingy. A-chan rose about 30m away from where I was standing.
The girls then walk real slow to the main circle and dissappear into the giant teepee.
Then Secret Secret began and the giant teepee was pulled up.
The girls have now changed to glow in the dark costume that had a funky 80’s design. Everytime the part Secret Secret was sung, the lights dim a bit and the costumes GLOWED in the dark. I loved how their costumes were UV reactive =D *thinks of a new PC theme liao*

Fushizen Na Girl
I like the song but the girls pretty much stayed at the center stage so there was a lot of lights and stuff. Yukachan solo was pretty epic

When this song came out, the crowd went OOOOOO. They have yet to perform the full song since Budoukan, and honestly, I found their Budoukan setting for GAME passable.
I love this song as its rock based and gets me pumped.
A nice touch is when the girls walk to the end of the stage and took out the lightsabers and went back to the center stage.
It was like the GAME tour performance but much more epic (a running theme in this concert).

One Room Disco
The favoruite song of most Japanese fans except me. :P. I like it but it does not get me pumped but the Japanese fans really love it.
You know the hand twirling part when they sing Disuco Disuco?
I turn around and saw 50,000 people doing the same thing!!
F’ning fantastic atmosphere

MC 1
If it’s one thing about Perfume I love, is their bantering. They make really good entertainers just by yapping away about everything. A-chan’s role as a tsukkomi and ksyk/nocchi becomes the boke most of the time is so funny, though occasionally the girls switch roles.
– Achan thanking the crowd for attending
– Perfume breaking the crowd into 3 groups, carrots, potatoes and cabbage. The whole crowd was called meat. So when A-chan yelled Niku (meat) the crowd will yelled. My area was carrot.
– Perfume then went around picking interesting people from the crowd.
They pick a Nocchi and Kashiyuka cosplayer and did Perfume desu with them
-Achan pick out a few kids and say some cute things to them
-There was a guy with a mask so they ask him why he was wearing one.
-A wota was holding 2 excellent potraits that he drew and Perfume was astonish that they have artistically talented fans. (Personally, I thought it was a portrait copy of their photos… o_o)
-A Nakata cosplayer got ribbed as he was not doing a good job of it.LOL
-They got a family of trio to do Perfume desu. Very cute. Papa, mama (both quite young) and their little girl. The girl’s replies to a-chan were often cued by her dad. XD

Natural ni Koi shite
All 3 girls went down the central platform and started doing the song.

Love the World
They went back the the main stage and did this song. At this point, Perfume was shifting gears to cooldown songs to conserve the crowd energy, I guess

I Still Love U
Still at the center stage at this point. I saw Achan did her legendary wink to the camera!!! ZOMG again. Epicness.

I loved the setting for this song. A nice ballad done better live.
And yes they did the rap bits too. Pretty good. I hope Perfume go down this direction.
BUt the during the rap bits, they played prerecorded clips of the girls rapping on some of the screens. The placement of the girls were interesting too. The central platform has risen up like a layered cake so they were 2 layers. A girl will stand at the middle while another will sit down at the lower level while another walked around at ground level

Costume Change/Interlude
This is the Perfume Okite thingy that ppl were talking about
It has a nice intro where it said remix by Yasutaka Nakata.
I’m pretty sure that either the DVD or the Tv broadcast will have the full version so I skip descrbing the thing. Its hard to describe but its pretty cool and epic.
3 mannequins holding balloons came out at the end of the platforms symbolsing each of the members. There were also 3 mannequins at the center stage wearing the costume from earlier.
Suddenly, the wall at the back of the stage opened and out came/rise Perfume.
The girls were wearing the green costumes that showed up in the news program.
This is where it get blurry as too much awesomeness happened.
All I remember is that Achan took a flashlight gun thingy, pointed it at the mannequins ballons and the balloons exploded.
There were also shitloads of lasers being shone around.

Perfume then perform Voice at the center stage. I didn’t mention it before but the center stage is able to rise up to roughly 10 feet high and rotate 360 degrees. And yes, they did the kangaroo part flawlessly.

Computer City
Crowd went mad for this. As usual this song never disappoints. I can’t remember if anything special happen here.

Electro World
AHhhhhhh, one of my fav Jpop songs ever made. I dare say its one of the best techno/rock tracks ever made too. Your usual thing but it was really fun to punch the air with 50,000 other fans. :D

I absolutely can’t remember what happen at this part.
I think Kashiyuka went down the stage to get a drink.
Achan talk a bit about Bz. They did a kids jingle together. Its really a blur as the Japanese got too complicated for me.
I think there was some Hiroshima dialect being spoken.

An awesome song that never fails to make me happy. It the same as previous performance but now its epicer!

Dream Fighter
I can’t get sick of listening/watching them perform this song live. =D

PTA Corner
NOw this was way cool. Basically its all wota hand movements.
There was a jankenpyon (scissors/paper/stone) version and of coz the puppy love.
Achan was getting us to do all these stuff for the PTA thingy.
There was too many for me to remember or describe so I hope the PTA video will have everything.

In between the wota hand movement they did the following medley
The Best Thing
Ceramic Girl

The Lovefool dance was hilariously awesome!!!
A-chan’s reaction was priceless 8D
They did the whole thing including the talking part at the end!!
LOL!!!! Yappari Kore Ga Suki!!!

Jenny Wa Gokigen Naname

Whoa. Just whoa. Has to be seen but I try to explain.
Each girls went to each of the end platforms. 1 girl for 1 platform.
Some sort of rig hs risen up and the girls strapped themselves in with safety harness. Then the platform rose 15-20 feet above the ground. Amazing.
Achan platform had a problem as it got stuck on ground level, I saw the tech guys run underneath the stage and finally manage to get her platform to rise.
All these while the audience was doing the famous name calling chants. F’Ning amazing

Computer Driving (short ver)
Before the song started, some sort of vehicle with a rig at the roof was placed at the end of the long platforms. When the song started, Perfume did the song while the vehicle were being prepped at the end of the stage. That’s why the song is short.

You all gonna love this part. Remember the vehicle with the rig on the roof? Perfume step onto the vehicle and then the vehicle WENT AROUND THE ARENA!!!
At the same time Perfume were throwing tennis balls to the audience for them to catch!!!
Unfortunately I could not get one; there was once when ksyk hit one of the balls, and it landed to the person 2 seats beside me D=

Chocolate Disco
After everybody went around the Arena once, they return to the stage and started performing Chocolate Disco.

Puppy Love
They took the mic stand and went to the center stage and perform the song. The stage was revolving in a circle. It was fun to the ue shita hand movement with so many other fans.

Swear to god, I thought I will never hear this song perform live again.
Best closing to a concert ever (but it wasn’t though). After the song was over, Perfume disappear and the encore cheers started.


The girls came out with the Nee costumes.
This is where the heartfelt MC came out. Achan was crying. The crowd was being supportive.
She thanked everybody for coming and couldn’t believe they were at Tokyo Dome. She said that even Mikiko sensei had to wracked her brains to figure out how to make the concert dance more epic. I think I actually saw Nocchi shedding some tears. (I saw ksyk holding back her tears very hard XD;)
All in all, a very grateful Perfume was standing at that center stage.
(I was holding back myself too ;_;)
The girls helping each other to hold back their tears gave me some warm and fuzzy feeling. ~_~;

Nice song and a nice dance too. Nee Neee Neee.

Achan said the next song was the song that was their big break and where things begin for them.
It was Polyrhythm (the greatest Jpop song of the past 5 years)


I came to Japan just to listen this song live and it was chosen as a closer. Nothing could be better than this. A-chan was still a little teary.
During the bridge where the girls are spinning around, fireworks erupted at the back.
Then the hand claps and girls singing the verse again during that slow bit.
Finally the chorus kick in again and the confetti came shooting out.
The crowd went wild and so did I!!!

And then the greatest Perfume concert ever ended. :(

It was all worth it.
Thank you Perfume for giving a great performance for 50,000 fans.

A little personal gripe:
-emcee segments could have been better. I absolutely loved the times where they just talk crap amongst themselves and interact with the audience as well.
– Triangle Tour lasted from 6.30pm to 10.15pm (3h 45min). Tokyo Dome lasted 5.15pm to 8.10pm(2h 50min). =( about a good 55 minutes reduction from their previous major live.

Personally, I thought this live was great. The pre-concert experience as well as interacting and taking pictures with some of the Perfume cosplayers, and also with the Taiwanese fans, was great. The live itself could have been better, but I guess it was due to budgeting issues and such. Overrall, I thought it was a job well done, since I originally never thought that they could sell out all 50,000 tickets worth, much less sold out within 3 hours? Great job done there, girls.

I will eleborate on the sort of career advancements the girls could potentially tap on, and move towards. But for now, I need some much needed rest. *dies*


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  1. arkAile November 6th, 2010 1:05 pm

    Nice stage, nice costume. Crying A-chan is nice too =D

  2. Paul September 3rd, 2011 3:47 pm

    Great review of the whole event. Yes classic songs in there and they are adorable down to earth girls .the guy from Capsule who write their songs is friggin genius as is their dance teacher. That encoe moment with achan tearing up and one of the girl reminding her they promised to be strong… Heartbreaking. Perfume rock!!!

  3. Morgann Cedro April 19th, 2012 5:30 am

    Hey, you’re really lucky! any chance you caught the whole live on video? if you didn’t that would be a shame. if i went i would record the whole thing so i won’t forget the best Perfume Live in the world! after i watched the live i was about to cry myself cuz i never wanted that live to end!but, unfortunately it has to end sometime. GO PERFUME!!!

  4. sentinel011 April 19th, 2012 1:10 pm

    @Morgann Cedro

    I respect the rules of the concert, which dictates that no photography and/or videography is allowed. I wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to me, since I worked in a similar industry before. Photos outside of the hall will suffice for me.

  5. Morgann Cedro April 27th, 2012 8:37 am

    Oh, now i see, i didn’t know the rules until you told me. thank you. but at least i would write the whole thing down in a journal to remember that moment. but were we allowed to record stuff before the concert starts?

  6. sentinel011 July 30th, 2013 7:58 pm

    Preferably not, as any form of photos within the venue is generally frowned upon. It is still okay if you take pictures before or after the concert starts, though.

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