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Animelo Shanghai plans up again!


Animelo surprised us yesterday with news of their Shanghai gig being off from hiatus planning! Below are the following details:

    Title: Anisama in Shanghai -Only One-
    Date: 19 FEB 2011 (SAT)
    Venue: 上海大舞台
    Performing artistes: ALI PROJECT、遠藤正明、奥井雅美、おれパラ(岩田光央、小野大輔、鈴村健一、森久保祥太郎)、影山ヒロノブ、きただにひろし、JAM Project、福山芳樹、May’n
    Tickets on sale from 20 DEC 2010


More details can be found here. *In Japanese

As much as I want to, I couldn’t. Blew my budget due to my recent Tokyo Dome trip *weeps*

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  1. generalwu December 20th, 2010 3:06 am

    Too bad the only artist I care about in it is ALI PROJECT, otherwise not worth my attention. :P

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