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WOWOW to air Countdown Japan 10/11 in February

One of Japan’s cable TV channel WOWOW will be airing Countdown Japan 10/11, with only the hottest artistes performing on that night. Perfume performs for Countdown Japan yet again, with the set list as follows:

    M1 ねぇ
    M2 ワンルーム・ディスコ
    M3 VOICE
    M4 マカロニ
    M5 The best thing
    M6 Puppy love
    M7 ポリリズム

A special digest version will air on 11th Feb (Fri) midnight GMT+9, and the full version will air on 18th Feb (Fri) 1710hrs GMT+9.

Source: WOWOW

Here’s an excerpt from an attendee’s experience:

    The show begins with lasers and start with a version of INTRO FAKE IT and comes ねぇ Nee. One Room Disuko waved throughout the stadium, comes the presentation: “A ~ chan desu!”, “Kashiyuka desu!”, “Nocchi Desu!”, “San’nin awasete PERFUME … desu!” And madness. They talked a bit as well from the Tokyo Dome Live and made fun of the famous nickname as part of the public [Ninjin | Carrot], [Jagaimo | Potato] and [Tamanegi | Onion] and the audience responded [O-niku | Meat], which are the main ingredients to make a Curry. So begins VOICE and マカロニ [Macaroni] Perfume and play again with the audience asking the kids scream, and then the girls who are neither of the two (?). There was also a break-type PTA の コーナー [Corner] and start again with The best thing, make fun of 上下 上 上 [Ue Shita Ue Ue | Up Down Up Up] with Puppy love and end their participation in the festival with ポリ リズム [Polyrhythm ] and ask for all to watch the Kouhaku this year.
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  1. Portinaio January 31st, 2011 5:26 am

    I love PErfume!!!!

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