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[Event] Vocaloid Night feat. AVSS: Powered by Pioneer DJ

It’s 1.30am in Tokyo, and I am dead beat. My feet and arms are aching, and mind, this is before the Internet Independent Music Festival, and Miku Party 2011. The cause is none other than Vocaloid Night, a club event held in conjunction with the Y2xVocaloid Cafe in Roppongi Hills.

Having previously attended Vocaloid Night Vol. 14 in Shibuya (See my personal journal for the very roughly written report , I expected a similar experience, but was very wrong.

At 6.30, I dashed from Ikebukuro to Roppongi, but I got there at 7.30pm. The event opens at 6.30pm, and starts at 7.00pm, so I was very worried if the door tickets were sold out. However, it was a rather poor turnout, with only three quarters of the event space filled. It was quite a small space, but should be good enough to hold 200 people comfortably. Having managed to find the venue (after getting lost once…), I approached the door, which opened because one of the staff was coming out, and was greeted by a stunning electronic mix of FullkawaP’s Alice.

Apparently, the event had only just started, and I only missed one song! I bought the door ticket, got a bottle of tea from the counter, and stood watching the DJ, KTG (Also known as Cheetahgirl P, if you know his remix of Cheetahgirl, which gained significant popularity on video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga). The crowd, like most Japanese crowds, was quiet right at the back, and overly hyper right in front. Grooving to the bassline of Alice, I nudged my way through to the front. Hello, dead crowd. This is me, invading your pre-order ticket space! (Pre-ordered tickets from eplus get earlier entry, so you get a better viewing position, i.e right in front, to be specific, 20cm away from the turntables and mixer.)

The first thing I noticed was the volume. It was loud, but comfortably so. GJ to whoever was on the sound tech! The music was clear, and still had impact. There was also a seperate projection which scrolled tweets with the #v_n hashtag, a very nice touch.

KTG’s Alice remix then faded to a very cute mix of Tettette, vocals by Miku, and then he started playing his remix of Dixie Flatline’s Gemini (Which is on Nico too). I yelled GEMINIZAAAA so loud the guy in front of me stopped dancing to grin at me and then, having found a comrade, I made my way to the very front of the stage. KTG then played another Dixie song, BPM. At this point, I noticed some people had broke out their lightsticks, so I brought out my reserves too. Two green lightsticks!

And my bringing out these lightsticks led to current state, for I couldn’t stop dancing and doing wotagei after that…

After KTG’s set was low(Shake Spear!)’s turn. I only know a few songs from him, but nevertheless it was a very good set and song selection, and I had no problem following the calls.

AND AFTER LOW WAS BAKER. A few Miku cosplayers squeezed their way in front (At this point in time, there were more people and the crowd was starting to become more lively because of all the lightstick waving and catcalls), screaming BAKERRRR, to which I joined in too, for I am a huge fan of Baker. BAKER KITAAAA!

Baker started off his set with Furukawaku- I mean, Gain. It’s a very good example of how suitable the Vocaloid-synthesized voices are for electronic dance music.

Gain then faded into hisKoi Ha Sensou -NTMG mix-. Screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA with the front-row fans is an experience like no other! The next song was another one of his mixes, and one of my evergreen favourites, Piano Lesson!

Just pimping.

I’m sure some of you Vocaloid fans know of this very old video. It’s a sampler of some of the mixes at the legendary Vocaloid Night vol. 2, and in which baker plays his remix of moon.

So please understand my ecstasy when he played that same remix, with a whole bunch of new effects, especially with the middle part where the beat breaks. Vocaloid Night vol. 2 was the reason why I started paying more attention to producer names, and why I developed a love for electronic music. At this point in time, I felt that this v_n had completely surpassed any one before it. Not that I’ve been to it more than just once, though! But I’m sure that the subsequent Vocaloid Nights can only get better. Man, I wish I could go!

Baker also played the Electro Poppippo and ARPK remixes. I personally love these remixes, and lead the lightstick calls! I was surprised and very honored (?) when I saw people following my lightstick movements at the corner of my eye. It’s unforgettable, really. He ended off with an electronic version of the classic, Celluloid. I cried a little and flung my lightsticks like there was no tomorrow.


With no time to rest at all, it was Aether_Eru’s turn. I enjoy his song selections very much! They are usually a mix of the mainstream stuff and some lesser-known (but still groovy!) songs.

He had made a custom track for his set. It went like this

Miku: Aa, aaa (Mic testing)
Miku: Can you hear me?
Audience: YESSS
Miku: Good evening Roppongi!
Miku: I can’t hear you!
Miku: I heard you! And now, for my first song…


^At this point I lost my reason and in place of my stamina, I was powered by love.

My memories of this set are pretty hazy, but he played Yellow (STEP AND CLAP), and ended with a very nice mix of Melt. The crowd was wonderful!! Everyone started singing along, and Aether_Eru, having realized this, hit the fader before the signature “MERUTOOOO”, and so the audience became part of the song. Super Gasshou Time! It was an impromptu chorus.

At the ending notes of Melt, up came 8#Prince (Many fangirls screamed), and the VJ Mienohito (Who did very nice visuals for the music!).

8#Prince played Teddyloid’s Fly Away! A Stocking cosplayer also came up on stage to dance. It was all very cute.

He did a live mashup of Sweet Devil with another electronic track. My only disappointment is that he didn’t do the “nyan” pose this time, like in WakamuraP’s MMD. But we did the “nyan!” for him! Also, as a surprise guest, DECO*27 came up on stage, grooved a bit, and got off. DECOO SAAAAN!

He then played his usual songs, Distorted Princess, Keep Only One Love, among others. And of course, just like a silent promise, the last song was Electric Love.

Everyone started singing again. Even 8#Prince was mouthing the lyrics! Man, it was so fun.

Towards the second chorus of Electric Love, the star of the day (For me!) made his way towards the turntables. It was Sasakure.UK’s turn.

Cue calls of SASAKURE SAAAN and UK—-! And he started his set with one of my favourite songs, Campanella!

Ginga no, sakana, aitai na! <- And everyone was singing again. Hyperactivity is contagious! The next song he played wasn't something I expected, but it was something I would have killed to listen to again. He played Treow's Chaining Intention!!! I jumped and swung my lightsticks like crazy. He then played Tiger Rampage, and then a VERY, VERY GOOD chiptune track (I suppose it was an original), and then dropped a huge one on us. I suppose you know the song! It was BOKURA NO 16BIT SENSOU. Hearing this mixed live (He was doing little disk scratching effects which were very good!), dancing to it, and singing (screaming!) BOKURA NO 16BIT SENSOU with a huge crowd of like minded fans is indescribable. And wait, you have not heard the best part yet. Right at the end of the song, he switched in WANDERLUST. And right from the chorus on! And of course, I'm sure you can guess the last song already. On the final notes of Wanderlust, he started high-fiving everyone in the front row. As my mind overloaded with the fact that THE had high-fived me, HELLO PLANET STARTED TO PLAY. I might have cried for the second time that night. The Ohayo-hayo calls were simply perfect! It was an awesome way to end the night. After a bit of talk from the DJs, the event came to an end. played the main melody from hello planet, which slowed down and faded out. It was very dramatic. I remained in front of the stage for a bit because I was packing up my stuff, and when I looked up, Sasakure-san was still there! AND THEN I MANAGED TO TALK TO HIM. It went something like him saying "otsukare" and thanking me for doing the lightstick calls/dancing throughout the set. I was pretty dazed by the fact that he was talking to me so my mental processes broke down and started bowing while telling him how awesome his music was. The rest is a blur. Oh, but I managed to tell Aether_Eru, Baker and 8#Prince otsukare too! And so ends my Vocaloid Night report. I have three events to go to tomorrow, so I'm calling it a night. I hope you've enjoyed reading this! Good night!

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    Thanks for the info and videos! Now to go get them and expand my music knowledge. xD

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