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Back from Mikupa!

It’s 3am here! I’ve been trying to recover (Just up to a moment ago, it was a pain to even move my arms…) and also squeeze three meals worth of food into supper.

I got to Zepp Tokyo at 10am in the morning, and having nothing to do, stood in the Mikupa Shop queue and bought some soda. After that, I went to the game center next, and was surprised to see a group of people already hogging the Project Diva Arcade machine. I went on to play a bunch of music games (Which we already have in Singapore!), and by then the Diva machine was empty, so I had a go on it. It was hooked up to a HDTV (Most arcades in Japan have this, and the one in Ikebukuro has two screens and three benches). After this I got bored of the arcade and tried the Ferris wheel instead.

After a ten minute ride, I waited for 1pm to come around, as I had a ticket for the DECO*27 handshake session. After asking the staff I found the right line to join, and when my turn came I was crazy nervous. I’ve never seen DECO*27 in person before, so it was quite surprising to see that he looked like a pretty normal guy. Still, it took all I had to say hi properly, and the exchange went like this:

Me: Um, I come from Singapore (This is a very important line for gaijin to catch the attention of their idols because it is our only saving grace orz)
Deco-san: What!?
Me: I’m honored to meet you!! Please do your best from now on too!
Deco-san: Thank you very much!

And then I kinda ran away like a star-struck otome. But ZOMG I SHOOK HANDS WITH DECO-SAN AAAAAAA

I then headed to a nearby cafe to calm down.

The day moved on slowly, and I made a few more purchases from the Miku Cafe (Spring). I tried the vegetable juice, which was not priced at 200 yen but 500 (:<), and had the leek okonomiyaki. And of course, I bought the food for the paper bag and free coaster 8D At around 4pm, I headed to the toilet in the arcade to change into the live shirt. It was really cold after that though, but I held on till they started sorting the crowd by their ticket numbers. I met a few Taiwanese fans and one guy from Shanghai, too! Ticket number 39 was met with applause.

There was a rule against large items, such as leeks. This proved to be useless as people made their own impromptu lightstick leeks with scotch tape inside the venue. The door handouts included the Sakura Miku nendoroid charm, and a timeshift ticket to watch the live again on Nicovideo.

After entering the hall, I managed to get a space on the right hand side, near the back of the second row, which is quite a good place. I was right in front of the drum set and guitar amps!

The opening act wasn’t very interesting for me, because I didn’t know the singer and I’m not a buzzG fan. However, she closed her set with two songs, and we moved on the the main deal. Cue Ievan Polka!

The reason why live concerts are extremely fun is because most of the time, you are around like-minded people. Getting to shout YO! as a group is really fun!

There were some gripes about the screen not being the glass projector, but I feel that the black screen does just as well. While it may look unnatural from the top, when viewed from the front, the characters appeared 3D. According to a friend who visited last year’s 3/9 live, the glass screen also has a very limited viewing angle, so the black screen is an improvement (though it sacrifices some of that realism).

After Ievan Polka was a song I really liked, ryo’s Kocchi Muite Baby! The guitar was really groovy!

DECO*27’s Nisoku Hokou was the next song. I thought they would include this song on the setlist, and they did! It was wonderful. The next song was Eh? Ah, Sou, and it was amazing live. I especially like the keyboard part!

Popipo was next, followed by 40mP’s Torinoko City!! I went crazy, and broke four ultra bright green and white sticks. There was another song (or two?) I can’t remember, and then they played that Disruptive Diva song from Project Diva Arcade.

Which led to NoboruP’s Shiroi Yuki no Princess ha. I’m really glad they chose to play this song! And there was the first of the two wowaka songs of the night, World’s End Dancehall, a duet between Miku and Luka.

Luka’s medley was up next, featuring songs like RIP RELEASE, Double Lariet, Luka Luka Night Fever, and JAPANESE NINJA NO.1(!!!!!!!!)

Miku returned, as a black-haired Miko, for Hachi’s Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro. It was a very energetic performance, and I can’t decide if I prefer Hachi and Luschka’s rendition at the Internet Independent Music Live better or the Mikupa version. Still, it was fun doing the “KEKKYOKU MINNA SAMA TANIN GOTO!” line with the crowd!

And then came the second wowaka song of the night, Rolling Girl. MOU IKKAI, MOU IKKAI!

Insert thirty minute interval. After a bit of twitter checking, it seemed that the thirty minutes were due to technical difficulties, related to the screening of the Goodsmile Racing video. In any case we were brainwashed by the Lat shiki figure commercial (made to the tune of Doiukotonano!?).

The show returned with the Rin and Len medley. Two of mothyP’s extremely popular songs (I don’t really like his stuff, but I know the songs thanks to EXIT TUNES), then Iroha Uta, Roshin Yukai, Kokoro, and then something I didn’t expect, Junky’s Melancholic. I suppose some people may know Junky from Project Diva Arcade (the composer for ZIGG-ZAGG). It was good, but too short! I wished they played the full version and not just the chorus.

There were a bunch of Rin/Len songs (I can’t remember all of them), and then Miku-san returned with a classic, Packaged, Hello Planet, and Marginal. Then there was Hatsune Miku no Gekisou, where cries of “MIKU MAJI TENSHI!” could be heard after her transformation into an angel. The next song was a slow ballad, Doriko’s Koi ni katachi ha nai keredo, followed by a live arrange of kz’s Yellow (Miku was wearing her Yellow costume too!) which was nothing short of aural pleasure, and then the collaboration song between 40mP and 164 (=1640mP), Time Machine. Time Machine is an awesome song, and the power of the song is simply doubled when you hear it live.

The next song was ARiA, and then the music stopped, which prompted a Miku call. Miku reappeared, with Rin, for their Colorful Melody duet! We were then treated to a live version of Melt, where the audience were asked to sing the melody part from the introduction. It was all very fun!

Melt was the last song, so everyone started calling for an encore. Miku reappeared in a wedding dress, and started singing Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki, by supercell. It was a very emotional song to end on!

After the live, some of the P-names involved could be spotted on the second floor. We waved to Doriko, who waved back! Oster-san tried to get a bit of the attention for himself and tried waving too, and then Doriko pushed him away. I was laughing.

Mikupa was a very enjoyable experience. Being able to hear the songs I love played live, being able to experience this with a hall packed with fans, the little actions that made Miku seem all the more real, and the efforts of the producers… I’ll never forget this!

I’ll end this report here, I need rest! More on the merchandise when I get back to Singapore!


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  1. bj0rN March 10th, 2011 3:31 am

    Looks like it was a blast there. I ought to go next year then. Looking forward to your loots. =D

  2. Jellyfish Marine March 11th, 2011 8:21 am

    There’s a big fuss over 2ch and Niconico Douga about the quality of Mikupa (organized by some other company) comparing to last year’s 39 (organized by SEGA) and I do agree with them that last year’s was so much, much better. The graphic, the dance, the medley…everything was so awful ;_; I hope that SEGA will take over the event again next year.

  3. =w= March 12th, 2011 8:08 am


  4. ume March 12th, 2011 10:33 am

    I’ve just watched the live on Niconama timeshift, and I’ve got to agree, the graphics were pretty lackluster in comparison to last year’s live. However, when I was at the live, I couldn’t really see the screen, so what I enjoyed the most was the extremely polished performance by the band and the invited producers, and the synchronized cheering of the crowd (Because the songs played were all recent popular songs, so there wasn’t a moment you could feel a drop in the energy of the audience). The thirty minute interval was a downer though, but otherwise I’m satisfied with the concert.

  5. =w= March 13th, 2011 8:08 am


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