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Perfume, AKB48 and….???

So I’ve been really slow to update over here, but it seems like there were several updates of interest to me lately. Well, almost all.

First up: Perfume’s new double A single’s CD covers and promotional picture!

Promotional picture

Limited Edition

Regular Edition


I sure hope that my CDJapan shipment comes with that free poster! @_@

Here’s a parody picture for luls:



Next, official announcements from both AKB48’s blog and AFA’s facebook post:

    April 22, 2011 – Today, as announced in AKB Theater, it is confirmed that AKB48 will start regular “Theater Style” live concerts in Singapore for the first time ever overseas.

    Planned to be held twice a month, the first concert is scheduled to take place on Sunday May 15th, 2011.

    For the 2nd and following performances in Singapore, not only AKB48, but also SKE48, NMB48, SDN48 will be joining.

    Currently, AKB48 has an official shop in Hong Kong and regular events are held which are widely accepted by the fans in Hong Kong.

    Please support AKB48, as so they will be popular not only in Japan but around the world.

    *Singapore’s May 15th 2011 concert details, ticketing information, and the member information will be announced at a later date.

    Above is translated from original source here:

    Mr. Tomonobu Togasaki
    AKB48 Theater Master



Although I’m no fan of any idol group, having AKB48 and other groups in Singapore – performing twice a month – will help boost the dropping Jpop scene in Singapore. There’s hope yet!

Another great find is that AKB48 has an SG url under it’s name:


Although this information is highly likely to be up by 1st May, I bet many AKB48 fans out there can’t wait for ‘soon’ to end.


Next great find is about….. *drumrolls* Kalafina!

Caught this great find while visiting, which allowed me to purchase kalafina’s concert goods on CDJapan!

Got myself their photobook and pamphlet. What a steal! XD The last 4 photobooks were personally taken up by me and my friends =P

Before I leave, I should share this really nice Perfume wallpaper, created by bbs members of perfume-mania!

Suddenly, Singapore seems like an exciting place to be for overseas fans. The next location for the Japanese entertainment industry to tap onto, next to Hong Kong and Taiwan? =P

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