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ACME III news and other thoughts


With news finalised previously on nkds’s post early last month, said mystery guest turns out to be Suara! The first few songs from her that lead an impression to me were those from Utawarerumono. Others that were particularly memorable were songs from White album and Kimikiss.

Of course, who could forget her memorable duet with Mizuki Nana of the song ‘Shin Ai’ at Animelo 2009? Ticketing information will be available soon, but I reckon that it’ll be affordable.

Not forgetting guests, official WS player ‘The Mash’ returns our red dot of an island to attend ACME, spreading glorious ways to get yourself hooked onto Weib Schwarz, with Singapore’s largest WS tornament too date. A 200-man tourney, how about that!

Doujin aspects of ACME aren’t forgotten either. Aside from the many doujin groups hawking their pretty and awesome art on nicely created goods such as posters and artbooks, famed doujinshi PLUM will have a booth, selling exclusive merchandise at ACME! More of comiket right at your doorstep. *grin*

Local doujin group CDS will collaborate with KKnM to bring you a special Touhou doujin project titled Elysium. Dedicated Touhou fans shouldn’t miss this out!

Not to mention, KKnM will continue to bring more comiket exclusive limited goodies for all doujin-loving fans out there, so be sure to queue early to avoid disappointment!

ACME III will be held at Suntec Convention Centre, Rooms 325-326 and Foyer, moments after Summer Comiket on the 27th of August. Mark it onto your event calender already!


Local doujin-related events are often stuck due to various factors such as lack of funds, reduced motivation to continue such events without breaking even, lack of creativity, and so on. Many of such restrictions are often intertwined with each other, and as such, there wasn’t any variety in activities, and it became more of a tradition or means whereby both the committee as well as booth owners are resigned to their fate.

Then came in commercialism. While it isn’t a bad thing, the first thing about such events is profit, reducing interaction between both fans and the event’s activities.

However, ACME has continued to buck the trend, bringing about more awareness about all things doujin, first by selling items from comiket, till a point where part of comiket’s programs come to Singapore. While more and more instances of commercialism peek out of ACME’s seams, ACME is still an event heavily influenced by doujin and doujinshi.

Would ACME be able to achieve its direction to be Singapore’s comiket? Nobody could say for sure, but I, for one, couldn’t be happier to see such a thing happening in Singapore. Such events would bring about increased awareness of our country’s local doujin talents. As such, more people would be encouraged join the local doujin community with the help of ACME. With that, the stone has been cast, and may it be the one of the few events that will cultivate and groom the doujin community to be mature enough to set in Japan’s shoes. Heck, maybe even Hong Kong, Taiwan, China or strangely, South Korea.

I’ll end off with this question to all readers : what would you expect out of a doujin-cum-merchandise event such as ACME in the near future?

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