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Gundam AGE: Bandai Namco Press Release

Experience points!!!

Here is some info from the press release PDF.
Don’t want to do a full translation so I will just pick out the important points.

Page 1

“Gundam series” TV animation latest work
“Mobile Suit Gundam AGE” October 2011 broadcast start
Plamodel, toys, digital card game, game soft products development start

{nothing much, really an intro.}

Page 2

{Story and character info, just repeated info}

Page 3

{Ok, heres the meat :P}

/About the development of Bandai Namco Group’s product and services/
– Bandai plans products of categories like plamodel (core), digital card game, candy toy, capsule toy, apparel, life goods.
– Bandai Namco Games plans the game soft.
– Bandai Visual in progress with media package.

[Main product, service lineup]

Bandai – Plamo and toy, first time “full integration” thus more ways to play!

AG (Advanced Grade) 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal/Titus/Spallow
(630yen each/ October, November, December 2011)
– A new gunpla grade
– 1/144, about 12.5cm
– Easy and intuitive assembly
– Has one “Gage-ing Chip”, for use with free storefront game machine “Gage-ing Battle Base” and separately sold “Gage-ing Haro” toy
– Scan chip for battle simulation game
{A more high tech first grade? Look at that flat beam rifle}

GB (Gage-ing Builder) 1/100 Gundam AGE-1 Normal
(2940yen/ October 2011)
– 1/100, about 19cm
– Pre-paint, pre-assembled figure
– 15 articulation points
– 4 “Gage-ing Chips” at the shoulders(2) and in the body(2)
– Like the AG kits, it can interact with the “Gage-ing Battle Base” and “Gage-ing Haro”
– Has exchangeable arms and legs system
– These arms and legs are sold separately as “G Ware”
– G Ware priced at 1260yen per set, October.
– Can mix and match freely

“Gundam use startup device AGE Device”
(2414yen/ October 2011)
– Contains character voices and sound effects from the anime
– 7 pilot simulation games
– Stores the experience points gotten from the “Gage-ing Battle Base” and “Gage-ing Haro”

“Gage-ing Haro” (5985yen/ October 2011)
– Haro is Flit’s personal robot
– Gage(scan) your gunpla or figure with it and the MS will appear on the LCD
– Contains battle simulation game
– Experience points earned can be stored on the “AGE Device” and used to level up

Storefront free game machine
“Gage-ing Battle Base” (October 2011, Freeplay, One player)
– Scans the “Gage-ing Chip” on the gunpla or figure and use your figure or gunpla to play a battle simulation game
– For gunpla (AG) you can scan up to 3 kits to play in team battle
– For figure (GB) you can customize your figure with G Ware parts and use it in the game
– Experience points earned can be stored on the “AGE Device” and used to level up
– To be setup at toy shops, department stores, model shops (in Japan for the moment)

Idea correlation image
{Gage-ing and experience points stuff}

Page 4

HG(High Grade) 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal (1260yen/ late September 2011)
– 41 articulation points
– Master Grade and Mega Size models planned

Digital Card Game
“Gundam Tri Age” (1 play 100yen/ 0 wave late July / 1st wave early October 2011)
– Flat panel equipped arcade machine
– Place card on panel and MS with pilot appear on screen
– Shift card on panel iniate attacks

Bandai Namco Games

Game soft
The 2 titles below are currently in development.

“SD Gundam G Generation” series (Release date and supported hardware not decided)
– New G-Gen titles will include Gundam AGE

“Mobile Suit Gundam AGE RPG (temp name)” (Release date and supported hardware not decided)
– By Level 5

Also AGE’s gunpla site:

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