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Perfume hangs out in L.A. and meets, err…

As most Perfume fans know by now, “Polyrhythm” was chosen to be used as background music for a scene in Cars 2 and the song will make it into the official soundtrack.

For this reason, Perfume were in Los Angeles, California for the Cars 2 movie premiere on June 18th.

Here’s a video of them being interviewed on the red carpet.

The interviewer from the above video asked generic questions and obviously didn’t do enough research. She thought Polyrhythm was a new song. And she proceeded to compliment their outfits in this really act-interested tone when she ran out of things to say. But anyway, Perfume are as stunning as ever and were so polite! I think they were definitely nervous.

So anyway, there are a handful of Perfume fans around the California area, and there is this particular fan who is known as perfume444 on the Internet.

If you are not familiar with the Youtube username “perfume444”, here, have a meme.

And this guy had all his wishes come true. Yep.

He got to meet them, touch them, talk to them, got his poster autographed, got recognition from the group themselves, and a photo with them. I don’t even know what to say, except watch this video.

After I watched the video, I was like …are you serious? HE IS SO LUCKY OMG I DON’T EVEN- ughh I’m jealous. Also, I’m scared for Perfume if they actually check out his Youtube channel…And why did he have to give them his..sweaty headband. >__>

Yeah. Well, at least from the way he described the scene, it’s good he was there. I can’t imagine Perfume being left all alone and nobody really caring. ;(

When will Perfume ever come to my country? I can only hope. For now, let’s wait for the movie to hit local shores.

Cars 2 comes to Singapore theaters 25 August 2011.

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