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On the ZANEEDS DJ set at STGCC 2011


Ume here! It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, university has just started for me so I’ve been busy.

If you remember the posts from several months back, where I raved deliriously about Vocaloid Night , you might guess my little routine of checking into the V_N Ustream lives every third Wednesday of the month, and also visiting mogra’s stream once in a while. I’ve developed quite the appetite for vocaloid and anisong-based dance music!


And here comes ZANEEDS, back to Singapore! They’ve had done a few DJ lives at conventions in other countries (Most recently at Anime Expo), and having heard DJ Torinos’s mixes from their website, I decided that I really wanted to hear them DJ live.

The nice thing about ZANEEDS is that they pick songs that they feel best fit the country, or the audience tastes. This makes them very suited for performances overseas, as they can deliver a general sort of all-purpose fun mix most Vocaloid fans can identify with.

So when I heard the news that STGCC would be inviting ZANEEDS for their own Vocaloid DJ night, I could hardly contain my excitement! I had the lightsticks left over from Miku Party, and they were certainly more than enough ammunition for the very first Vocaloid DJ set to be held in Singapore.

One day before the historic event (I exaggerate), I had the chance to meet up with DJ Torinos and the VJ, PPRP. We’ve talked a little on twitter, and had lots of catching up to do! After a bit of discussion (They asked about what sort of songs the Singaporean vocaloid fans might know, and like), I was given the honor of joining them on stage for their live, to help stir up the crowd and to just groove to the music. They had invited Kipi too, and of course, I agreed.

I didn’t have a Miku costume for this purpose, but I did have the wig, and also a Miku Party Happi Coat set I never got to wear (Because I went solo to Mikupa and it was a little too embarrassing to wear when going to a concert alone). I was all set!

And man, I had the time of my life. Giving out all the lightsticks I had brought to the audience before it started, and keeping just enough to last me, Kipi and the ZANEEDS team through the set, I dashed up on stage on the opening notes of Melt and danced away.

It was embarrassing later! (WHY OH WHY IS EVERYTHING ON YOUTUBE LOL)

I had a lot of trouble with the wig extensions too! I forgot to pin the wig to my hair so it kept slipping. My feet were hurting from walking all day in heels, but despite all this, I gave it my all and just had fun singing Melt while dancing in the awkward way all otakus who don’t get enough exercise dance.

I went offstage for a little after Melt to fix my wig, and planned my return on the line 階段を昇ってゆく音(The sounds of footsteps going up the stairs) from the song Roshin Yukai, or Meltdown as it is more commonly known (hell yeah to references no one probably get). I then flung my lightsticks rapidly to the beat of The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, following which I ‘disappeared’ offstage while Kipi(dressed as a very cute Sakine Meiko!) and REIKO(!?OH MY!) came up on stage to dance to POPPIPPO. I joined them soon after.

There were people doing the SOYASOYA and DOSSE DOSSE calls! I could hear them!

After Po Pi Po was Happy Synthesizer (If I remember correctly!) and Kipi showed off her dance skills. I wonder if she’s going to become a dancer on nicovideo! She’s really good.

And then there was Just Be Friends, and after that I can’t really remember the song order. Songs of note were Sagirhythm, a mashup of the ZANEEDS original Vocaran Sagi, and Perfume’s Polyrhythm (KONO HITOGOROSHI YAY) and a remix of fu_mou’s Green Night Parade, something I did not expect!

The original.

I think I missed out several songs (ZANEEDS’s Ketchup desuyo!) but I’ll move on with the report!

I forgot to mention PPRP’s dancing! It’s a lot of effort to dance in geta (He was wearing a yukata in the spirit of summer), so kudos to him!

Also, Reiko’s power level is over 9000! She danced just as much as the rest of us without losing her breath at all. Respect!

The last song of the set was daniwell’s Nyanyanyanyanya!!!, or more commonly known now as the viral Nyan Cat‏! I promptly broke my last two UOs and made nekomimi actions while running back and forth about the stage. It was definitely one of the high points for me, and it was awesome to see some people in the audience doing the same silly cat ear thing with their lightsticks! It was really a lot of fun.

It was the end of the set, but since there was a call for an encore, we returned back onstage, and DJ Torinos started spinning Saihate. I started jumping to the beat and waving lightsticks, even though at that point I was very tired and my arms were screaming in pain with every wave. But it is an wotaku’s nature to ignore such things during a live and I just did everything I wanted to.

The very, very last song was wonderful. It was Livetune’s Packaged.


This. This was the song that made everything wonderful and fluffy and full the stuff that makes a beautiful memory. What was a static crowd several songs ago had melted to become a more willing audience, and I could see many people singing along! It’s the times like this that makes me a very happy Vocaloid fan.

And the live came to an end there. Having spent my all, I left the stage with a strange sense of satisfaction, despite the fact that I had probably looked like an idiot pacing around on the stage trying to catch my breath (I need to exercise more…) while waving a lightstick with what little strength I had to spare. That was the least of my worries then (Until it got on youtube, though)!

A very huge thank you, and otsukaresama, to the ZANEEDS team, DJ Torinos and VJ PPRP for bringing this show to us. And to Kipi, and the MC Reiko, who danced away and helped pull in the audience despite having worked for the entire day. I applaud their energy!


Finally, I hope everyone who came to the Vocaloid DJ night enjoyed it. It might not be long before we see the day more Vocaloid producers get recognition overseas, and are invited to such DJ music events to perform!

I’d love to see a full-fledged Vocaloid DJ night in the future!

Lastly, since everyone is putting up their picture with Kipi, I shall not be left out :D


All photographs ripped off Facebook, with credits to Bjorn, Chester and Reiko!


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  1. bj0rN August 23rd, 2011 1:39 am

    =3 Good that you had tons of fun! I also had fun too!

  2. Stifler August 26th, 2011 1:05 am

    I like the “WHY OH WHY IS EVERYTHING ON YOUTUBE LOL”. You’re famous now, Ume-sama. ^^

  3. ThatFakeSnake August 26th, 2011 9:32 am

    I was there for the event, you brought a lot of enthusiasm to the event even though some of the audience were busy taking videos or just nodding their heads. Kudos to you, and the Zaneeds team. Of course, Kipi did very well too!

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