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Summary of STGCC : sentinel011 report

With ume giving her report mainly with vocaloid night, I shall cover the rest of the attractions.

Day 1 was rather uneventful at first as I arrived at 1pm, waiting for Kishida Mel’s panel. Some interesting points he said (and observed)during the panel:
– He does all his art on a wacom (I think)
– was in theater club in his uni days, up till paste alumni till 6 years, before dabbling in illustrations
– have his own doujin circle and various collabs
– He generally likes to draw long haired girls
– He draws tsundere the most
– He likes characters that mirror him the most

He did that weird ‘crab’ pose that he did at comiket with the weird get-up. Generally quiet, but a little eccentric illustrator. :D

Day 2’s highlight was mainly ITOU SHIZUKA.
– the beer-loving maiden did an afureko session of about 10 minutes for hinagiku’s scene, one of the longest afureko sessions she did in front of an audience.
– answered obligatory questions that most hardcore fans would expect (frankly, it’s hard to answer risque questions)
– the icing on the cake was probably during her one-liner afureko sessions of various characters, such as hinagiku, Ookami, saki, and jizz-inducing ‘goro-nyan’ Morishima Haruka.

The cosplay standard was pretty standard single cosplay event, but more overseas participants than locals. Nonetheless, the highlight isn’t so much about the cosplayers, but kipi’s prize. She took out her Suzumiya Haruhi costume from her Homura costume by unzipping her top. Fortunately, she’s wearing a black inner top inside. Fanboys were sorely disappointed, too bad =x

Other mentions include the awesome Jacky Dosai, whose experience and observation in the cosplay community isn’t one which can be dismissed – after all, he’s the biggest dude in cosmode, coscure and World Cosplay Summit. Figuratively, of course. As for the non-Japanese segment, the Marvel panel was especially entertaining, with nice and funny answers from the panelists. “I like boobs!” and “4 claw Wolverine!” were one of the many.

Overall, it was a more enjoyable STGCC this time, probably due to the inclusion of some Japanese content. It is also one of the times I get to experience events without being involved with work. The turnout seems to be more than last year’s.

Luckily (or unluckily), I didn’t see anything I’d want to buy. The DMK01 and 02 Prime and bumblebee kits by Takara Tomy were sold out late last month before you can say ‘TRANSFORM’, and restocks won’t come anytime soon, with some hints that restocks will only happen around November.

I didn’t get any signature (I was shy to get Kishida Mel’s signature during his autograph session =P), but I have the obligatory photo of the 2 founding members of bonpro with kipi!

bonpro_STGCCkipi’s like an energizer bunny, despite not having lunch on day 2

Somehow the atmosphere of the event can be summarized as (at least for me):
30% of EOY2002(met up some really long-time friends) + Western content (Marvel) + Japanese content ( Itou Shizuka + ZANEEDS + Kishida Mel + kipi)

That is all!

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