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This is, first and foremost, a random post on what’s in store for local anime fans and for myself. It involves AFA’s press preview conference on what has been confirmed last month (told you it’s utterly belated) and speculations for upcoming guests and information that will be revealed by the next few weeks, as well as my own ‘obsession’ on going for Perfume’s live concerts.

AFA11 had revealed performing guests LiSA, May’n, Ichirou Mizuki, FLOW for their ‘I Love Anisong’ concert segments. With more guests that are slated to perform for AFA11, many people were hoping (again) that Mizuki Nana would perform. I have utterly given up on that idea, since she hasn’t ever done that on more established events around the globe, much less AFA’s.

Firstly, this are my opinions, and in no way representing or affecting the AFA organizers’ decisions. Besides, by this time, it would already been settled in black and white.

But nevertheless, here are some of my picks as to who might be coming due to the past year’s concerts held in Japan:
-Animax Musix 2010 Fall-
*KOTOKO – Improved greatly since 2007, strong come back, appealing to the Shana fans as well as fans who grew up watching anime in the early 2000s.
*Kalafina – So far I’ve seen quite a few fans requesting this group on the AFA facebook page, and I think they have potential too, having visited Anime Boston last year and Anime Expo this year.
*ELISA – Pretty and attractive, she might just create new fans overseas with her husky voice and songs from Hayate no Gotoku, among other recent anime

-Animelo 2011-
*fripside – ‘Railgun’ fans simply love their theme songs, and they are plentiful. Those fans might just scream ‘TAKE ALL MY MONEY’ if she ever had a performance in Singapore.
*Momoi Halko – Will be a good alternative to differentiate with Ichirou Mizuki. Who could forget the effect Aniki gave to attendees during AFA08?

In any case, the following artistes are pure guess work. Some might be there, one might be there, or none at all. I guess fans just need to wait in anticipation for what AFA will announce soon.

In terms of other content, and with Bushiroad SEA having their main base locally in Singapore, my faith in them to do something anime fans locally and around the region won’t disappoint. Prepare your wallets, comrades!

Of course, AFA’s content doesn’t stop at only these two segments, but for now, the more interesting things happening are the abovementioned.


Lastly, it’ll be my 3rd trip to Japan for Perfume’s upcoming [JPN] Tour, in January 2012. No other details were announced yet, other than details of which more will be announced on the first week of October 2011. I’ll be going to Tokyo’s live, as well as a smaller venue outside of Tokyo, as I simply enjoy the smaller venues better since the girls were in much closer proximity with their attendees.

That’s all from me!
Now, which artiste would you love to have to perform at AFA11, and any logical reason to think that they might perform in AFA, or even in Singapore? What sort of activities do you anticipate to happen at AFA11, and why?

But for now, we all just have to wait the tormentingly good news to be announced soon. XD


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  1. Stifler September 24th, 2011 11:19 pm

    I support Kalafina and flipside.

  2. sentinel011 September 25th, 2011 3:49 am

    Any other artistes another than the ones I mentioned? Maybe some crazy Ali Project fan would jump in hohoho!

  3. Stifler October 3rd, 2011 1:40 am

    Ahaha, Ali Project. Yes, I was a fan of hers a couple of years ago, but time has moved on and my tastes have changed.

    These days, I’m just hoping to see Maaya Sakamoto live in action. Kafalina and JAM Project has already been fulfilled.

  4. sentinel011 October 5th, 2011 11:55 am

    ^lolol Kafalina.

    Kalafina has yet to be fulfilled, but will be later next month!

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