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Scandal ‘Baby Action’ Live Tour @ Singapore 2011 overview and thoughts

I don’t have pictures for this overview of the concert, but what I’m about to share are snippets of what I’ve experienced and observed watching on the 2nd level of the Lasalle theater location. :D

Scandal performed better than back they were for AFA X – it’s good that they improved, or maybe simply their solo live gave better opportunity to show what they are capable of. The girls performed mostly the more popular songs, both old and new; songs such as Doll, Shunkan Sentimental, Shoujo S and their latest song in their most recent album, Love Survivor. All were very nicely performed, and love their audience interaction.

I was perfectly fine with the volume played by the members, and the occasional music drowning the vocals can’t be helped at lives like this. The fans were very gung-ho and enthusiastic, occasionally singing along with some of the songs performed. It really had the ‘family’ feel to it, like how one of the members, Haruna, puts it during the live.

Some minor gripes made by some fans at the VIP area:
1) spotlights fail to focus on members when they are away from their assigned spots to mingle with fans better
2) volume of vocals/instruments too loud
3) irregular volume for different vocalists

Point 1:
I think it’s due to the venue’s limitations, but the lack of a moving spotlight was probably that the venue doesn’t have that kind of ability to do so. Spotlights from the back will be very distracting as well, hence I don’t think the organizers were able to do anything about this.

Point 2:
Sometimes, it might be the singer’s fault that they fail to sing nearer to the microphone, or play their instruments louder, so that’s another ‘miss’. But from my own experience, there wasn’t much of an issue at all.

Point 3:
Same as point 2, I don’t find it that obvious to be jarring and spoiling the mood of the event.

I applaud the impeccable crew for getting enough ushers and security for this concert. Even though there wasn’t much advertising for this concert, it was, to me, a great success, so much so they did 2 shows for the local audience. The local fan base is large enough to warrant another potential tour in the future, hopefully with a better venue?

That’s about all from me; but how about other Scandal fans who went on either performances? Do share with us!


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  1. beep1234 September 24th, 2011 9:41 am

    it was an awesome concert but for the 2nd time in a row, they didnt sing namida no regret :( which i thought is their best song. Otherwise the overall atmosphere was great, hoping for something even better next year!

  2. sentinel011 September 25th, 2011 3:51 am

    I agree. Perhaps they think that local fans would appreciate the faster songs better. I too, like Namida no Regret.

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