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And so I’m back to Gunpla…

Anime-related stuff and Perfume fangasms have dominated Bonkurasu for most of the part, but there’s another hobby that I’m deeply involved since I was 10. And now that I have finally gotten myself an airbrush, compressor and converting at least 70% of my old kits into kitbash parts, I’m all ready to create some really unique interpretations of Mobile Suits in their various timelines.

Most people acquainted with the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam Universe will surely have watched The 08th MS Team. Many would remember the epic battle between Gouf Custom and Ez8. No fancy multi-laser cannons, and not even beam rifles. Most of their weaponry (please exclude the Apsalus) come from real world counterparts: machine guns, mortars and the like.

Taking off the concept of the mountainous regions The 08th MS Team took place during the final battle, I developed a Gouf Custom meant to blend in with the terrain during winter.



I decided to use a greyish colour scheme, to suit what a typical cold climate Mobile Suit would be like. It has been a while since I last tried any weathering techniques, and since this particular Gouf Custom comes from salvaged parts to guard the region against opposing forces in preparation of Zeon’s next battle, I felt it was suitable giving it some weathering. Red metallic highlights were given to it, importing new coolant tubes and motor joints for better efficiency in navigating the region.


Sorry for the blurry images

Decals were taken from various sources, such as MG Sinanju and Zeon Decal set 2, just to name a few. The antenna was taken from the recently released MS Blade 01 from Bandai’s Builder Parts series, to give it a little more detail. The spikes and sword were sanded down at its points, while the piledriver was taken from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G Weapon Unit 28 Impact Edge.



Here are some of the links to the stuff I used in this build:
MG/HG Sinanju Decal set
Zeon Decal set 2
Builder Parts: MS Blade 01
Kotobukiya M.S.G Weapon Unit 28 Impact Edge


To end off, here are some reference images to my future builds:



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