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Disney x Perfume?


So it seems Perfume performed as part of a Disney-related TV program titled “Minna wo tsunagu mahou no Melody”. The program also featured other artistes such as AKB48 and Johnny’s Entertainment boybands as well as other individual artistes. But since my interest isn’t them but only towards Perfume, allow me to spread the gospel on why Perfume is so awesome in that show.

1. Singing

It is rare for Perfume to be singing non-autotune songs these days, and their performance of “Big Ben Melody” from Peter Pan and “Be our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast was pretty awesome. The harmonizing portions probably wasn’t from them, but sounds great nonetheless.

2. Costumes

Beautiful dark magenta dresses that compliment their complexion were Perfume’s outfits for the first performance. The maid outfits (NOCCHI IN A SKIRT!!) look especially cute there. <3 Both performances were superb, and hope they get more chances of collaboration with various companies and mediums! That said, I wasn't too excited about the promotional pictures of their recent tie-up with an energy drink. They look rather bland, actually. Compared with the previous Gumi chewy gummy sweets and their Chu-hi fruity alcoholic drinks that is.

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