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Gunpla Mod – Pacific Rim’s Gipsy Danger


So it is known that Pacific Rim’s director Guillermo Del Toro is quite the otaku. Having referenced several mecha designs for the movie from the Super Robot and Real Robot genres (Super Robot Wars fans will understand these terms ;D), I am hyped up to do my own version. With the spare Gunpla parts I have.

Here’s the director, Rinko Kikuchi and her loli counterpart roaming around Odaiba

The following project will be in Gunpla 1/100 scale (roughly 17-20cm upon completion), and I have no idea how much is that to the actual proportion of Gipsy Danger. It will be a branded as a Mk II variant, and will be painted closer towards a Gundam Blue Destiny colour scheme – probably with dark blue hues and tones to match Gipsy Danger’s colour scheme.

I remembered canning a mod project using a spare Non-Grade 1/100 Gundam Exia with Master Grade STrike Rouge a couple of years ago. With the middle of the torso having a cavity like Gipsy Danger, it is the best candidate to be the base frame for this mod.

I dug out more parts, having once purchased a cheap 1/100 Master Grade Nemo. The head is perfect for a base of Gipsy Danger.

Last but not least, parts for his retractable weapon.
Awesome, yes?

As usual, updates for this project will be slower than watching a snail crawl, so I’ll update whenever I can.

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