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Awesome vibes from this year’s STGCC, just from the press conference!


I’ve been to press conferences for many different events, but STGCC this year gave a very fun and casual, yet professional vibe towards the whole atmosphere of what’s to come tomorrow at Marina Bays Sands Expo.


Hideo Baba, the brains behind Bandai Namco’s widely successful Tales JRPG franchise, had this child-like glint in his eyes whenever he talks about games. Sadly for me, I haven’t touched any JRPG for more than 10 years (Persona 3 and 4 aside), so it was kinda hard to approach him without being rude to him and his works XD; However, I’m stoked for his panel on stage this Saturday!


Angry Woebots, Luke Chueh and J?RYU are artists and sculptors with a passion. They even share the same hobbies as us, collecting Chogokin and mad about Gunpla! Aaron (Angry Woebots) did a quick sketch of one of his grizzly bear characters for the press conference, and the initial outline of the bear does remind one of Singapore island.


Of course, nobody misses out the guys from Marvel. Vice President of Marvel C.B Cebulski was here with writer/artist Joe Madureira (or Joemad as his fans call him) touched a bit on Marvel as a company as well as its works and gathering talent from all over the world. I’ve seen C.B Cebulski back in STGCC 2011 and he’s such an awesome guy during his panel. I like how Joemad’s art appeals to me – it does remind me of the Marvel cards I used to collect when I was a kid.


Last but not least, the guest cosplayers invited over for STGCC this year! Popular Korean cosplayer Aza (formerly known as Miyuko) came down as Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia. Another popular cosplayer – this time from the States – Vampy Bit Me wore a very sexy Psylocke costume from Marvel’s X-Force comic series.

Being closely acquainted with cosplay on a whole, I asked the cosplayers a couple of questions different from the standard cosplay-related ones.


Aside from Cosplay, are there any hobbies you have, or used to have?
Aza: Most of my time is involved with fashion design if I’m not doing things related to Cosplay.

Any upcoming games or anime titles are you particularly anticipating?
Aza: I haven’t thought much about it yet, sorry!


Which Marvel or DC artists/writers do you respect the most?
Vampy: It definitely has to be Jim Lee. The way he writes and draws his female characters to have this feminine, strong yet sexy appeals a lot to me.

Is there a costume or character that you like so much that you would keep wearing at events?
Vampy: As you can see :laughs: (as Psylocke). I also like Gantz a lot, and I absolutely love their outfits. I’ve also worn my Morrigan costume a number of times.
Aza: I’m into Love Live (anime series) recently, so I’m planning to cosplay all the characters within the series.

Catch all these wonderful guests at their booths, stage segments and panels and more at STGCC 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo tomorrow and Sunday from 10AM onwards! Do visit STGCC’s official site for more info.

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