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Hideo Kojima speaks up for blatantly having MGS V characters to be “more erotic”

Last week’s STGCC was superb and fun, but I will get back to a proper report over the weekend.

Instead, today I will write about a recent twitter post about Hideo Kojima’s outburst to have his designers create Metal Gear Solid V’s characters to be more erotic.

What I’m going to talk about is how cosplayers are already doing what Kojima pointed out, and simply giving what the fans want.

While there aren’t exactly that many cosplayers in the East cosplaying Metal Gear Solid characters, the fact remains that most of the characters in the game are Caucasians or African-Americans.

Here’s gamespot’s Feedbackula on the topic

I’m probably going to get flak from cosplayers from the States, but the trends of cosplayers there has been obvious for all to see. From my understanding, quite a number of female cosplayers in the States (or at least the newer ones who are hungry for fame) have a preference for the following types of costumes:
– sexy looking
– simple
– popular series

It is hard to not compare that the general boob size of female Americans, and since most of them have ample bosoms, why not make full use of it? Let’s face it – cosplay is a visual hobby form, and looking like the characters you love (whether you like their costumes, the personality, whatever) gives the cosplayer a sense of satisfaction. The more positive attention given to them, the better. Be it in photos, chats, blogs, etc etc.

Some may not admit it, but deep down all cosplayers want to be noticed. My cosplay of Slayer from GGXX was pretty shoddy last time, but I was quite happy whenever a photographer I did not know asked to take photos of my cosplay.

Now, Kojima has been around Western game conventions enough to see this trend. Naturally, he feels that he would want cosplayers to want to cosplay characters from his games. To him, cosplayers are the ultimate form of flattery, because people love to see characters within their screens come to life, almost literally via cosplayers.

mmmm dat ass.

If one is to consider in a pure business standpoint, cosplayers are cheap/free advertisements in game conventions. Being in the industry for so long, Kojima obviously picked up a couple of business strategies when it comes to marketable content.

Furthermore, all Metal Gear Solid games so far has some form of eroticism in their female characters. Practically most of their females were given suggestive lines like moaning, names or titles that can fuel tons of innuendo jokes, or have them wear cleavage-producing clothes. Realism is shoved aside. Since when females at war trade camouflage paint for make-up?

Long story short, Kojima simply was regurgitating out what he has been doing all these while. Except that he was being truthful and blatant about it.

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