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To commemorate the release of LEVEL3, Perfume arranged for an exclusive Google+ Hangouts session with fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong and of course, Singapore. It was really last minute, as it took barely a week from the commencement of the contest to the actual session. The promotion was announced on on 1st October, and selected participants were contacted on the 4th in at noon – really, really short period for the fans to be hyped about it.

To make things worst, the majority of Singaporean fans are lurkers and very passive.

As usual, Universal Music’s staff told us the ‘no photography’ and recording devices rule, of which we all were happy to oblige; not that we are calm enough to record anything anyway.

Compared to us, Hong Kong and Taiwanese fans were rowdier and brought along a lot of prints and miscellaneous items. The fans from Hong Kong brought along a fanart print of the trio, as well as a mini version of the Polar Bear from their Laser Beam PV. The Taiwanese fans brought along their famous bubble tea, enticing the members with the delectable drink. For us, we printed a mini version of the WT1 poster we gave to Perfume.

Each country took turns to speak to them, though it was more of Perfume gathering interest from us, on what sort of challenges they would like us to see in Perfume. A-chan spoke on a recent ‘makeover’ shoot they did for their 1mm PV (or was it CanCam? not too sure), as well as mentioning Kashiyuka’s fringe change in the PV. A-chan also hopes to be able to work on more variety shows in the future, as well as becoming a voice actress for Disney-related works!

Throughout the short 30 minute fan chat, the echo was pretty bad, and we could barely hear what Perfume were trying to say. The issue’s probably the lack of decent equipment to accommodate the numerous voices from the various locations. However, the issue was rectified with the Taiwan and Hong Kong crew noticed an improvement when they switched off their microphones when it isn’t their turn to speak.

When it came to our turn, we told them that some of us will be going to their upcoming Tokyo Dome live, and they were so happy about it! Kashiyuka also spotted one of us wearing the red PTA shirt. We asked if they could possibly collaborate with Kyary, and A-chan replied that due to similarities in music genre, not to mention sharing the same music producer, there’s a conflict of interest. But other artistes with music genres are okay, like their recent Perfume FES! lives held at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo. We suggested their senior artiste from Amuse, Pornograffitti, and the ladies were saying that they are just next door! They also said that they will tell the duo about it. Exciting!!

Wrapping up, Perfume also promised to have another Asia tour in the near future, hopefully involving LEVEL3. More exciting news!!


After the session, we all took a picture together to commemorate the occasion. Well, minus Perfume, because of the no photography rule. The Universal Music representative who was present was commenting on the difficulties on engaging Perfume fans locally, so I suggested to her that she can contact me since most of the active members are in the facebook group, and that I was the admin of the group.

Some thoughts:
This impromptu promotion to liven up the hype of the international release of their latest album LEVEL3 sure does wonders, and we reckon it’s to engage and enquire on what ticks overseas fans. Not to mention fans from Asia have a better perspective of what international fans of Perfume want more than Japanese fans, including the fact that three countries involved are known to have a rather strong understanding of Japanese compared to Western countries.

I had a discussion with some fans through facebook as well about how viable is Perfume towards the Western music market, and we did point out that even if the Western market isn’t as viable as thought to be, there’s always the Asian market to tap into.

What do you think about the future of Perfume from here on? What sort of changes do you think would improve Perfume’s success formula, and why? Do share your thoughts!

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