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Gundam Build Fighters: the official side stories

Image from pixiv by Tanaka Hidetomo

The new Gundam anime ‘Gundam Build Fighters‘ just aired in Japan today.
As with the previous series, there will be side stories.
Jump in to take a peek at what GBF have for us on the side!

As usual the the project spans several magazines – Hobby Japan, Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Gundam Ace.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Gundam Ace

Image from the Gundam Wikia, click for big

From the Gundam Ace scan above we have 2 titles. Both will feature the rival character of the main story, Yuki Tatsuya (the Amazing Zaku guy). This side story series will be about his past endeavors in Gunpla Battle. His Gunpla Battle genesis will be documented in both manga and photodrama formats.

The Nu Gundam Brave is Yuuki’s previous Gunpla work. Its a Nu Gundam with original colors similar to that of Hi-Nu. It seems to hold a weapon that is the key item of the story, it can be equipped at various parts of its body and has many functions (this one is my rough interpretation from the yellow text).
UPDATE (27/10/2013): So this weapon is the Mercury Rev!

Gundam Build Fighters A (Amazing) is the manga title that will be running in Gundam Ace.

Gundam Build Fighters D (Document) is the photodrama title that will be running in Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

The story will be written by Tomohiro Chiba (Studio Orphee), who also brought us the ‘SEED Astray’ series and ‘OO’ side stories.

Hobby Japan

Image from Gundam Guy, click for big

Gundam Build Fighters H (Honoo [Heat,fire]) will be the photodrama(?) title running in Hobby Japan.

Image from Gundam Guy, click for big

Above is the Zeta Gundam Honoo, a red Zeta with a Caletvwlch (its also the custom kit given in the October issue of Hobby Japan).

Its Build Fighter is Kouen Yusei, an original character I guess.
Some rough translation from the first picture here, he used to build Gunpla but somewhere along the way he stopped. In his High School freshman year he found himself in the Gunpla Club and aspire to participate in the “Gunpla Builders World Cup”. Since he has some foundation in Gunpla, it won’t be long before he makes progress. He may seem cold and unfriendly but in his heart is a burning fighting sprit.

In the story the Caletvwlch is depicted as a “Legendary Kit” given by the monthly magazine Hobby Japan, whats more is that Yusei discovered tons of it in the store room of his home! Somehow I got some inspiration of how his mods will be like :P

As usual we have the red and blue theme.
Lets see how it goes, will the side stories be more interesting then the main story?

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