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BB Legends: A look at Knight Unicorn Gundam

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The newest entry to the Legend BB model kit series just got released in Japan! Whats special about it is that its a totally new character, all the Legend BB kits before are old established characters.

That caught my attention so I decided to ‘dig’ into this character.

Lets start with whats easily available online, some manga material linked to the model kit.
Below are 2 Comic World strips with rough translation by me.
The manga goes right to left, translations are paragraphed according to frame.

Comic World from Bandai Hobby site

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Unicorn: I am Knight Unicorn Gundam!
Unicorn: I can jump to any time period and settle any problem! kiritsu!

Unicorn: I defeated the “General’s Tail” together with King Gundam the First!
Arthur: Brother, who’s that fella?
King: I don’t remember him being in the Knights of Round.

Unicorn: I can become the Daishougun and defeat the agents of Darkness!
Eifu Kyuujuuichi: Whats that guy bragging about?
Heavy: So there are even Daishouguns that I don’t know about.
Fullarmor: The Daishougun is some important historical person, right???

Unicorn: I protect Gundland in the absence of the Star Lord!
Bolt: I’m going on a journey.

Unicorn: Call on me for any problem, wait for me at any time period.
Unicorn: Alright! Lets prepare for the next battle!
Unicorn: CALL!!

Unicorn summons Nise Gundam from a card.

Nise Gundam give Unicorn a massage.

Unicorn, HP full and ready for the next battle!
Something sinister peeks from under the last frame…

Comic World from Model Kit

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Unicorn: Numerous enemies from various time periods have appeared before the time-leaping Knight Unicorn! Now, who is today’s opponent! Bisshi!!

Past Unicorn: I’ll defeat you and change history!!

Unicorn: You are the past me, who is possessed by the Red Majin!
Past Unicorn: Thanks for the explaination!!

Unicorn: This is confusing so let me henshin! Masked Mode!!
Unicorn: You’ll regret being such a smart alec. Words from your future self can’t be wrong!!

Past Unicorn: Useless words!

Unicorn: Isn’t this fightning with myself?
Past Unicorn: One cannot erase oneself.

Unicorn: Another troublesome situation…

Past Unicorn: SILENCE!
Gungenocider, the evil combination of the 6 Kikoushin and Chaosguyer appears

Unicorn: CALL!
Unicorn: Even in Masked Mode I can summon weapons and parts!

Unicorn: another CALL!
2 parts appear on Gungenocider, changing it to the good Gungenesis

Gungenesis stomps Past Unicorn

Unicorn: People mature as days past. There is no way the past me could defeat the present me.
Unicron gallop off as a flattened Past Unicorn drifts by.
The evil Unicorn thought “Ee, the punch line is a sound argument?”

So from the packaging and manga, we know that Knight Unicorn has the ability to summon characters from cards and the ability to time travel.

The first Comic World strip shows Knight Unicorn “meddling” in the affairs of the Knight, Musha and Gundlander worlds with some cameos of characters from those worlds. If the page had more space perhaps G-Arms could have come in :P

There is also the history of him being possessed by a Red Majin in the second strip.
More on this history in the next installment.
(I’ve collected the info, need time to translate and build up the article.)

Keep a look out for part 2 coming soon! :P
Part 2 is up!!

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