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BB Legends: A deeper look at Knight Unicorn Gundam


Hope you have read the first part that touched on the abilities of this new kid in the Saddrac World.

Alright now this next part will touch on his past and his present.

Text on the box and the manual

Theres a lot of intertwined histories and in order not to stray too much I’ll base the post on the 2 blocks of text on the box (English text) and the manual (Japanese text). I expected both texts to be the same but there are some differences.

The texts are color coded and numbered to link lines corresponding to similar events.

Box text

[image @ Hobby Search]

The World of Suda Doaka came into existence with the birth of the guardian god Sunborn.

It acquired new advantages from its fusion with Llion Cardzi World, but at the same time, various problems also arose.

Those problems had the potential of wiping out the world if they grew any larger.

Therefore, to remedy the problems, two knights were created from a phantom beast of old: Knight Unicorn Gundam and Black Knight Banshee.

Given the power to travel through time, the two knights travel to various times in Suda Doaka World to address the world's problems.

Manual Text

[image @ Hobby Search]

The Saddrac World was reborn having merged with the Llion Cardzi World on the birth of the new Guardian God Sunborn.

The mysterious masked white knight Unicorn Gundam suddenly appeared in this world.

After the threat of the Legendary Giant, Knight Unicorn appeared at the Lacroa Kingdom possessed by the Red Majin Shamblo, with the power from Knight Gundam et al. this curse was broken and peace returned to Lacroa.

Thereafter, Knight Unicorn journey into the time stream and emerged in the far future times of the Britis Kingdom.

King Gundam the Third invited Knight Unicorn to join the Knights of Round and fight evil together with the two crown princes.

First thing to make clear:
Therefore I stick to the more medieval feeling Saddrac.

Carddass vending machines. Picture source

Carddass is the name of Bandai’s trading card franchise. The main bulk of the Knight Gundam stories are told through the text on the cards. In the recent years the old SD Gundam cards were re-released in Complete Box sets.

A Carddass Complete Box set. Picture source

Back to the 2 texts.
Ok, with all the info my mind is in a mess and the incoherrence of the 2 texts flushes my mind down the toilet bowl :P

I use the text as a guide and try to expand on it.
Its going to be a long story…

The World Reborn

This part is on the green text.

Ok, this is not really about Knight Unicorn so I’ll try to be short.

The new world

The reborn Saddrac World has been hinted as the “New World” in the 4th chapter of Gaitoushin Senki which was finally added in the 2010 released Gaitoushin Senki Carddas reprint complete box set. Furthermore in Gaitoushin Senki it is implied that Llion Cardzi is Saddrac in the far future.

Superior Dragon and X

Its only until in 2013 that its confirmed that the two worlds become one, thats in the text behind the first card of the Two Princes chapter of the New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden. The fusion is probably brought about because of the disruption caused when Superior Dragon brought X over to Saddrac from Llion Cardzi during the events of Gaitoushin Senki.

The New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden is set many many years after the New SD Gundam Gaiden (which last story is Gaitoushin Senki).

The new god

In SD Gundam Gaiden and New SD Gundam Gaiden, the recurring guardian god has always been Superior Dragon and with each story he gets a new upgraded form. In the Knight Gundam world there are 12 Gods, some good and some bad. In Gaitoushin Senki, the final clash between an unsealed reawakened evil god and Gaitoushin Wing ended in a fusion in the hands of Superior Dragon. The result is the birth of a innocent new god from the chaos, Sunborn is born.

The Golden God leaves to go on a journey

Thereafter Superior Dragon left the “New World” to Sunborn and jorney to another dimension. Thus, Sunborn is the new guardian god for the New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden stories.

A new era begins in the world overseen by the new god!


This part is for the text in blue.

Actually in all the cards I’ve looked through theres no talk on the origin of Knight Unicorn. Thats until I come across the English text on the model kit’s box, that line was not in the Japanese text in the manual.

“Therefore, to remedy the problems, two knights were created from a phantom beast of old: Knight Unicorn Gundam and Black Knight Banshee.”

Identity of the phantom beast

EX Wyverion

I can only guess what the phantom beast of old is. When Superior Dragon left for the other dimension he left his familiar EX Wyverion to guide the young Sunborn.

Could Knight Unicorn and Knight Banshee be born from EX Wyverion? If so it would be similar to how Knight Gundam and Satan Gundam were originally one single being. Maybe they could become one again in a later story, perhaps into a new guardian beast for Sunborn?

The Ultimate Battle

This part covers the red text.

This would count as the past of Knight Unicorn (can’t be sure since he time travels).

The Ultimate Battle story arc is retconned into the time period after the second chapter of the first story in SD Gundam Gaiden (Sieg Zion Hen: The legendary giant, first released 1989). The story seems to be told in manga and text in the booklet included in the SD Gundam Ultimate Battle 2 Carddass Complete Box set.

The Ultimate Battle cards and story comprises of characters from 6 Worlds (Normal, Musha, Knight, Command, SDV and Gundlander).

I found some sort of summary at a Japanese blog so I’ll translate it from there.

Knight Unicorn

The wrecked Lacroa Kingdom was just starting on restoration after the battle with the Legendary Giant when a white masked knight called ‘Knight Unicorn’ came with news of a new danger approaching. On receiving the news King Revil ordered Knight Gundam to prepare for this danger.

Immediately after warriors that looked similar to those of the Gundam Clan started an attack. They are armed with weapons and equipment that are never seen before. The Lacroa Army led by Knight Gundam had a hard time defending against the strange tactics the enemy are using. [Ok, the enemy is the G-Arms characters]

Hazaku Daishougun

At that moment Knight Unicorn arrived with Hazaku Daishougun to aid in the battle. Hazaku Daishougun is a warrior summoned by Knight Unicorn. Knight Unicorn and Hazaku Daishougun defeated the enemy one by one, as they fall they turn into cards.

Shikkoku Musha Gundam Sinanju

Then the mastermind commanding the enemy troops appeared. Shikkoku Musha Gundam Sinanju, who too has the power to summon warriors from cards. Thus starts the “Ultimate Battle”.

Knight Gundam felt that this battle among fellow Gundams is wrong. As Knight Gundam fended off an attack for Crown Knight Gundam the Third, Knight Unicorn offered Knight Gundam a possibility of a new power that could stop the war.

Knight Gundam with Phoenix armor

Crown Knight Gundam the Third and Crown Kihei Legend Vulturus

Knight Gundam dons the Three Divine Instruments of Flame (Ashoka Sword, Solar Shield, Phoenix Armor) summoned from another world. With the assistance of Crown Knight Gundam the Third’s Crown Kihei Legend Vulturus, Shikkoku Musha Gundam Sinanju is successfully defeated.

Knight Unicorn Beast Mode

Sinanju becomes a card, the mastermind is defeated…But Knight Gundam too became a card, that moment the true face of the masked white knight Unicorn is revealed..

Knight Unicorn has betrayed Knight Gundam. The true intentions of Knight Unicorn is to become the God of Saddrac World. The summoned MS all wondered if they have been manipulated. That was when someone descended from the heavens.

Tenkai Bujin Matsuri Musha Mikoshimaru

Tenkai’s number one ikidan, Tenkai Bujin Matsuri Musha Mikoshimaru appeared. Mikoshimaru has been following Knight Unicorn from the higher dimension.

Full Armor Knight Unicorn

Mikoshimaru was too late as Knight Unicorn had obtained great power and has clad on a huge full armor. For going against that, Mikoshimaru summoned Shoukanshi X and Toushin Voudainlander. The holder of the third Akashic Binder, Shoukanshi X, summoned a new group of warriors. The Ultimate Battle continues, the overwhelming power of Knight Unicorn is starting to overpower Shoukanshi X.

Shoukanshi X

Toushin Voudainlander

At that moment Knight V2 sensed an abnormal power from the full armor and realize that Knight Unicorn could be manipulated by the armor. Casting aside the plan to rescue Knight Gundam, Knight V2 commands an all out attack and succeeded in breaking the full armor.

Red Majin Shamblo

From the broken armor emerged the Red Majin Shamblo. The Red Majin had powers beyond the Akashic Binder, it easily overpowers the other warriors. [Looks related to the Black Majin…]

Knight Unicorn, true form

Knight Unicorn had regained his sanity and put up a relentless fight against the Red Majin. Mikoshimaru then lent Knight Unicorn a card in order to seal the Red Majin.

Saint Sword Excaliber R & Swordmaster Gundam R

Knight Unicorn having found his resolve, used Saint Sword Excaliber R (transformed from the armor of Swordmaster Gundam R) and with the power of the 16 Worlds formed to one successfully seal Red Majin Shamblo.
With that peace returned to Lacroa, Mikoshimaru returned to Tenkai and Knight Unicorn went on a journey leaving the peace of the world to Knight Gundam.

Found a preview of a page of the manga at the official site:

Akashic Binder

X’s and Unicorn’s

I suppose this is the item that enable the card summoning?
So three showed up in Ultimate Battle (Unicorn, X and Sinanju(?)).
I guess Mikoshimaru could be special as he is a Tenkai Bujin.
Wonder how many more are there?

“Present Times”

This part is for the text in grey.

Found nothing on the box’s text but info is there for the manual’s text.

After the Ultimate Battle, Knight Unicorn travelled through time and emerged in the far future time of the Britis Kingdom (The Britis Kingdom is first visited in 1991 story “Knights of the Round”). Its a long time after the creation of the New World and in this time period Crown Knight Gundam the Third had ascended the throne and became King Gundam the Third. He has two sons, Crown Blue Knight Gundam and Crown Knight Red Gundam. This is the setting for 2013’s latest installment in the ‘Gaiden’ saga, the New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden.

Ok, I’m not going into the story of the New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden.

I can’t find any mention of Knight Unicorn being in this era’s Knights of Round but Crown Knight Red Gundam knows him when Knight Unicorn appeared to help the Crown Knight.

Crown Knight Red Gundam thanks Knight Unicorn by name as he rushes off in the background

On Knight Banshee, he came to this time period as well and he seems to be ploting something. Knight Unicorn was cursed by Red Majin Shamblo, so maybe Knight Banshee is under some curse as well?

Knight Unicorn using the EX Raker. “Black Knight Banshee…return to the mission given to us!!”

Do note that in page 3 Knight Unicorn is lent the EX Raker by Taiyou Kishi God Gundam. The EX Raker is a part of EX Wyverion.

The EX Raker. Picture source

Also in the cards, the current form of Knight Unicorn is explained as the form taken when his limiter is off:

Knight Unicorn, limiter off form


A list of the valuable sources of information and picture sources used in the post:

Carddass Baka Ichidai : Awesome card resource site
Atochi : Has the New Testament chapter 2 cards
Sangyo Haikimono Alpha : Has the New Testament chapter 1 cards
Josai Dongarudon : This guy has a lot of complete box sets
Its possible to complete it! : Another guy with quite a few complete box sets
Official New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden Carddass site
Official SD Gundam Carddass 20th Anniversary site
Google : All the above sites came from Google searches. With the right keywords, the output will turn your brain into a gooey mess :P

Try these links if you desire more images :P

Ok, with that I’ll end my research post on Knight Unicorn :)
Thanks for reading!

Unicorn replenishing his card supply :P

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