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Gundam Unicorn Episode 7: Probably the best ending in a Gundam series


Since the first Gundam Unicorn episode in 2010, time and time again the pacing, mood, art direction and action sequences have constantly and consistently wow-ed me. Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 is no exception.

If I have one word to describe Gundam Unicorn’s episode finale, it would be ‘Epic’.

With more than a year’s worth of production, much longer than its predecessors, Gundam Unicorn shines far greater and brighter than it has ever been; literally and figuratively. From its animation to its pacing and soundtrack, everything’s top notch. Fans who have read the novel would know that Episode 7 has a rather grim and dark end; the animation version, however is a “best case scenario”, though there are still deaths littered throughout the episode.


In terms of character development and plot, there’s plenty to absorb. Banagher’s resolution and commitment to Hope and Possibility is steadfast, even after knowing the full identity of the Laplace Box and its contents.

While Full Frontal claims to be Human’s outcome and aims to be the one true vessel for Humanity, he and his Mobile Suit avatar, the Neo Zeong, was unable to be just that. While his ideals hold true logically, but with the existence of Newtypes, Full Frontal’s actions is only impeding human’s acceptance and understanding of each other. Which in the entirety of mankind, the cause of conflict. Mineva Zabi is Banagher’s support, both emotionally and spiritually, and is heavily portrayed throughout.


Riddhe, on the other hand, eventually faces himself and Mankind, and receives the consequence that Fate has over him. In every sense, he has attained salvation. Minor characters such as Bright Noa shine as well, stopping short at proving a much needed “Bright Slap” to some of the characters. Marida’s role in the final battle provided the push for Riddhe to accept himself and his responsibilities.

What would be a Gundam series without epic battle scenes? Both grunt and ace unit battles are a treat to watch. Of course, the obvious battle between Neo Zeong and Unicorn Gundam is not without surprises, mostly from Neo Zeong itself. Little details such as

The entirety of the 90-minute movie brings back so much references from the past series, such as 0079, Z and ZZ, as well as Char’s Counterattack. It even provides closure for two titular characters within the UC universe. Fans new to the Universal Century timeline may end up scratching their heads, but to long-time fans of the series, it wraps everything up pretty nicely(Though plots within Hathaway’s Flash, Crossbone and Victory Gundam will counter that thought).


It is hard to regret watching Episode 7. All in all, a fantastic ending to the five-year series. Well worth the 15 month wait, Sunrise.

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