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Ways for Destiny to appeal to the Japanese/Asian market

With the short week-long alpha launch of Destiny last week during E3, much of the elements within the gameplay look very promising. Of course, Bungie also announced that a PC version isn’t completely off the radar, so that would naturally be my choice of platform for any kind of First Person Shooter game.

A couple of months ago, Bungie announced that they’ll be spending US$500,000,000 (that’s five hundred million for those who can’t count the zeroes) for Destiny’s projected 10-year life cycle, which include everything from development to marketing and the like. That is a lot of money, probably more than World of Warcraft has ever invested in thus far, and definitely more than GTA V.

Since this is mainly a Japanese sub-culture blog, I’ll talk about the elements that may work with the Japanese and Asian market when it comes to content.

Metal Gear series theme and scenario DLC
When it comes with coordinated gun battles and Japanese developers, Kojima Productions and its Metal Gear franchise automatically comes to mind. Different factions from Sons of Liberty to XOF, FOX, and even MGS5’s “latest” faction, Diamond Dogs, can be included. Of course, the Metal Gear Rising series can also be included.

While armor designs and equipment can be rather easily implemented into the game, creating new worlds or scenarios that mirror the Metal Gear world may require quite a lot more work and money.


Gundam Series – Earth Federation VS Zeon
It will be really interesting to see a Gundam-inspired armor onto your character, as well as specific rifles to emulate Gundam’s beam rifle, or perhaps the Zaku II’s machine gun. Enemy units can take designs from Mobile Armor units such as Big Zam, Zakuro and Elmeth, for example. When it comes to collaboration efforts, surely the Gundam series will be top on the list, especially when both are within the Sci-fi genre.


Ghost in the Shell
This series can prove to be a ‘prequel’ DLC of sorts, utilizing the futuristic cyberpunk designs and scenarios within to inject some new gaming elements within the core game. Even one of Destiny’s machines look like the Spider Tanks as seen in the movies and series.


These are some Japanese games and anime that I feel could work within Destiny’s world. Macross did come across my mind, but something about it just feels odd within Destiny, even though it has more of a ‘Humanity versus Aliens’ kind of plot than all of the above. What do you guys think? What are some of your favourite series that you think would be most suitable to tie up with Destiny? Leave your ideas below and perhaps Bungie will get the memo! (via this blog post, perhaps?)

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