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Completing the G-Reco translation

Picture by Wanaata

The “Gundam Reconguista in G” official site just got a major update recently, especially interesting is the “World” section of the site which contains information on the story, characters, mecha and a glossary. had translated the story, characters and mecha pages so I thought maybe I could complete it and translate the glossary section :P

For pictures look here.
Text in square brackets are some of my thoughts.
(?) denotes my guess translation of the term.

Capital Territory
At the northern part of the Elride(?) continent [South America? Near Jaburo? Not so well-versed in late UC locations. Hmm but its 1014 years after UC, wow wonder how long after does CC kick in.], in an area of the Amazon Basin bear the Caribbean Sea.
Vilgis Shiva(?) is its prime minister.

Capital Tower
A structure that is restored from a space elevator from the last century (Universal Century).
Its located in the center of the Capital Territory, connecting the land and space.
Viewed as a sacred location as it brings supplies from space down to the land.

The ground facility housing the Capital Tower.
Its divided to four blocks, theres the service station and the Skord(?) [a religion?] Cathedral.
With the Biclover as the center, urban areas like the airport, Saint Flower Academy and the Capital Guard Training School spread out from it.

A vehicle that travels thru and fro from space to Earth on the Capital Tower.
A spherical shape of 60m, there are types with rooms for people and there are open cover Crowns that are used to transport mobile suits and containers.
It travels guided by the cables when the MMF [some Minofsky tech?] activates.

144 of these facilities can be found along the Capital Tower, they function as stations. There are of various sizes. The standard size being a ring structure of 1300m diameter supported by Minofsky Craft.

Feels like the Pirates are not the main antagonists.
Wonder what are their motives?
Photon Batteries?

Is the first story arc on the Pirates plan to seize the Capital Tower supply route?
Then somehow stumble into some revolutionary truth or something that propels the story to its main course?

Will the Pirates become something like Zeon seeking independence?
Or will there be some real yet revealed opposing force?

So what will the masked character look like this time?

Wonder what is on the other side of the Capital Tower that supplies stuff down to Capital Territory?
How are the space colonies in RG 1014?

Countries known are Ameria and Capital Territory?
How is the rest of the world? Gundam 00 did well to feature the other countries.
Are there other restored space elevators elsewhere?
Are the areas around space elevators doing better?
Did Ameria (sounds like America, lol) send the “Pirates”?

Will there be any “Laplace Box” for this transition from UC to RC?
Well, since they specifically talk about RC being after UC I was thinking it might have some significance.

AGE System, GN Drive, Zero System etc, what super technology does G-Self have?
And its ability to use Ameria technology.
What is it’s origin?

Any side stories planned?
Any furoku kits coming for Dengeki and Hobby Japan?

Ok, thinking too much. Time to stop :P
Talked so much but didn’t read the character profiles :P

After reading the chara profiles.
It seems like its the Pirates vs the Capital Army.
But for what motives?

I guess we will see the cast mature as the series proceed.
Will Luin Lee don a mask?
(lol, will Manny die and Luin thus gain resolve?)
Another candidate for the masked character – Klim Nick?
Jealously and rivalry between him and Bellri for Aida?

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