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Double the Gundam goodness coming October!

Picture by Susagane

We know that G-Reco will be going on Japan TV in the coming October (but before that episode 1-3 will show in select theaters in August and than on the docomo Anime Store in September).

Just today the next title in the Gundam Build Fighters series is revealed! Gundam Build Fighters Try will also be showing coming October. So its going to be double the “G” this October!

With the GBF Try offcial site launch, the G-Reco site has also been updated.

GUNDAM Reconguista in G

For G-Reco, an image for Montero is added.
Also a new MS is revealed, the G-Arukein (G-Arcane?).

Montero has been translated so we look at G-Arukein:

Used by the Pirates, the custom MS of Aida.
A mobile suit of the G lineage that is built from the Hermes Rose Blueprint.
Equipped with a high power anti-ship beam rifle.

Hermes Rose Blueprint?
Some googling led me to this Japanese blog post.
That post is the text dump of the G-Reco pamphlet:
Bigger version, source here

The wall of Japanese text is too much for me so I’ll just zoom in at some points.

Hermes Rose Blueprint
The name given to the data records of highly advanced technology. Its existence is not known by all. Could it be a relic of the Universal Century?

Photon Battery
The one power source in the story. Unlike gasoline or electricity which are manufactured or excavated on Earth, the Photon Batteries are of an unknown substance which is brought down to Earth via the Capital Tower.

Map & Relations
Ameria (America?)
Gondwan (European Union?)
Capital Territory (Union of South American Nations?)


By the way the source of the pamphlet image also has some info from the second PV and some misc mecha stuff.
Anyway all the pamphlet stuff is dated late last month so I might be late on stuff.

Also in the JA wiki article here, it says that in the Regild Century it is a taboo to advance upon the Universal Century technology.
Also it says that RC comes before Turn-A’s CC, seems like CC will always be the ultimate end of the whole Gundam Universe.

Hermes Rose Blueprint.
Rose? La Vie en Rose?
Anaheim? SNRI? Zeonic? Made me think of the UC companies.

Photon Batteries is a mystery point.
What is it? Who made it? Why send it to Earth?

That yellow head MS that was leaked early on, whose is it?
Elf Black seems to be its name.
Is it Ameria’s, Gondwan’s, Capital’s, Pirate’s or from Space?

Is Gundam a taboo word?

[EDIT – 26/7/2014]
From a comment at GG, it seems like Ameria is also the setting of Turn-A Gundam!
Nice to see some connection.

[EDIT – 29/7/2014]
From the images here and here, it looks like the UV glow is the gimmick for G-Reco HGs. Its suppose to replicate the Photon Armor of the anime it seems.
Photon technology, wonder how magical can it get.

Looking for more G-Reco reads?
Look at my previous post here!

Gundam Build Fighters Try


The official site has launched.
Characters, mecha, gunpla, all up.
Check it out here. has also translated the site to English!
Check it out here.

So it leaves me room to rant about my thoughts :P


The transfer student Kamiki Sekai. He could have links to both Sei and Reiji. Sei could have built the Build Burning Gundam and Reiji could be the master of the Jigen Haoh Ryuu (Dimensional Tyrant Style?). Sei should still be at the Plamo shop so Sekai could have dropped by somehow and somehow got the Build Burning. Or Build Burning could be with Sekai from the beginning and why so is slowly revealed in due course? Then Reiji might come back to Earth by accident again or theres some discovery in Arian. Or could Sekai be related to Reiji? Seems like a Fighter type like Reiji.

Ok, seems like theres another Kamiki character – Kamiki Mirai.
Voiced by Aya Endo. Not Saori Hayami so can’t be Aila.
Maybe its Sekai’s mother or sister?
Was thinking if the Kamiki surname is one Reiji made for himself, maybe not.
Completely forgotten that Reiji already have the full name of Aria von Reiji Asuna, so him being a Kamiki is out.

China’s bother Yuuma Kousaka. The cool(?) genius type in contrast to the hot-blooded type Sekai. Sure to see conflict between the 2. Having won in a contest will he be the aloof type? A Builder type like Sei.
Wonder how China is now, has her Gunpla skills improved? Will she come back to the championships?

Hoshino Fumino, Bandai wants more girls to get into Gunpla.
Seems like this chapter’s heroine will be more frontline, somemore she is the ‘bucho’.
How capable a fighter will she be?

Its just 7 years after so theres plenty of chance the old characters will return. Nils should still be working on the man-made Plavsky technology. New GP Base for Bandai to make into a stand?

Gunpla Battles still going so theres still a Meijin (still Yuuki?). Yajima Trading is now the GBC boss so Caroline will still be there.

Theres a good chance that the old characters can still join the championships. (Allies, enemies, masked characters?)

Build Burning Gundam.
Looks like a fighting specialized Build Strike with reshaped armor, new head and new torso.
Kind of reminds me of Extreme Type-LEOS and Beginning J.
Don’t compare this to God Gundam.

Lightning Gundam.
That A.O.Z feel.
The shoulders reminds me of Rasiel and Plutone.
Maybe Methuss too.
The kit has a lot of hardpoints.

Winning Gundam.
Feels a bit GP-series to me.

Wow, Gunpla Battle has really go down as a sport.
A school division of the Championships.
Its like Love Live for Gunpla, lol.

So what could be the main arc this time?
An Arian invasion? lol

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  1. name July 18th, 2014 2:22 pm

    it’s nice that the main isnt based on the crappy strike gundam as horrible as a design it was for that show.

    this is so much better in style clearly

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