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Amuse Entertainment Singapore bringing Lantis Festival to Singapore in 2015; artiste and location picks


(Disclaimer: in no way am I associated with Lantis, Amuse Singapore and/or its partners. The following are speculations based on my personal observations)

Earlier this week, Amuse Asia’s facebook page posted something very interesting to Anisong fans in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Here’s an excerpt of the post:

Calling all Anime and ANISONG fans in the world!!

The dream concert event you all have been waiting for~!

The most famous super ANISONG Festival World Tour is coming to Southeast Asia region to Singapore!

Lantis Records, one of the most prolific and active Record companies in Japan, responsible of producing
countless popular mega-hit Anime songs and Anime Seiyu superstars, is ready to take the their super main-event brand concert tour “LANTIS FESTIVAL” from Japan out to the WORLD!!

In 2015, Lantis Festival World Tour
will tour 6 major countries: Singapore, Taiwan (Taipei), Hong Kong, USA (Las Vegas), Korea (Seoul) and 1 more city.

Tour dates and detail information will released soon.
Stay tuned for more~!!

ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival in Singapore
is presented by Amuse Entertainment Singapore


So which Lantis Artistes will my list have? Let’s break it down to these categories, namely Top Tier artistes, Newcomers, Dark Horses and Evergreens. Strong contenders are in bold. I will also put down my preferred artistes as well.

Do note that the list of artistes only apply for Singapore. Other venues will not be taken into account.

Top Tier artistes are crowd pullers, generally form the bulk of the audience. They are the most popular out of all the artistes within their artiste management. Newcomers are pretty self-explanatory, but may also appeal due to strong tie-ups with recent anime titles.

Dark Horses can either be newcomers or veterans within the industry, and appeal to the regional audience. Evergreen artistes sing classic titles that most young adult fans have come to love during their childhood.

Top Tier artistes
GRANRODEO, JAM Project, Minami Kuribayashi, Minori Chihara, Sphere

With the exception of GRANRODEO and Minori Chihara, Anime Festival Asia has invited the rest for their I Love Anisong segments. The response was decent, though some hardcore fans of these artistes have noticed that the fanbase wasn’t as much as they would have hoped for. Still, these are the main crowd-pullers.

Sphere has shown that it has a strong and dedicated fanbase from its previous appearance in Singapore, but the group hasn’t released any notable songs as of late. We shall see if there are any upcoming anime tie-ups with the Seiyuu idol group.

GRANRODEO satisfies the female Anisong fan community, with plenty of hardcore fans within the region. The Anisong Rock group performed theme songs for many female-oriented anime titles such as Kuroko’s Basketball, Karneval and Togainu no Chi. But will the community be dedicated enough to watch them if they perform in Singapore?

(Writer’s Choice: I would love Chihara Minori and Minami Kuribayashi to perform in Singapore. Minami’s fanservice during her performance the last time was great, and I have always enjoyed Minorin’s songs.)

Natsuko Aso, ZAQ, Rita

Without a doubt, Natsuko Aso is the strongest artiste in this category. With her powerful vocals and popular character roles (Iori Sei in Gundam Build Fighters, among others), Natsuko Aso is set to wow her audience.

While ZAQ have pretty decent song titles and anime tie-ups to boot, the one unknown variable is their strength to perform live (or not as good as expected, judging from last year’s Animelo footage). As for Rita, the only thing working for her is her Little Buster’s fanbase.

(Writer’s Choice: Natsuko Aso is still my preferred newcomer among the three. She’s got good potential.)

Dark Horses
Faylan, nano.RIPE, StylipS, u’s

While Faylan is a strong contender to belong in the Top Artiste category, the regional fanbase isn’t large enough to allow for that. Even May’n, an artiste that’s vastly more popular than Faylan, had some difficulty gathering anything more than 1000 fans in Singapore for a solo concert (by a broad estimation). Same goes for nano.RIPE.

More recently, anime idol groups have gained popularity, and naturally they have gained a decent following.

StylipS started out pretty strong, with Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara still in the group up till early last year. But ever since the duo branched out to King Records and focused on their duo group YUIKAORI, StylipS’ popularity wasn’t the same as before.

Love Live has been very popular recently over the past year, and having the cast performing as u’s . Possibly the strongest contender in this category, but the sheer amount of people involved in this group may increase costs incurred by Lantis for this festival.

(Writer’s Choice: Nobody from the four in my list. It will have to be Masaaki Endo, performing together with milktub.)

ALI PROJECT, Suara, YURIA, Ceui, CooRie, Kageyama Hironobu, Eufonius, marble, any JAM PROJECT member

ALI PROJECT has probably the best chance in the list to perform in Singapore. Suara received lukewarm reception during her visit (which is really a waste), while the rest, with the exception of Kageyama Hironobu, have as much classic anime theme songs as ALI PROJECT.

Of course, any solo performance from any JAM Project member would almost automatically be inside the second contender slot.

(Writer’s Choice: To fulfil my desire to watch Daimidaler opening theme perform live, Masaaki Endo will have to succeed in getting a slot here)


Amuse Singapore has sort of made Resort World Theatre in Sentosa (1600 seated capacity) the venue of choice, but I personally think Star Vista’s The Star Performing Arts Centre (5000 seated capacity) is slightly more appropriate with proper marketing, though it’s considerably more risky. However, I would reckon a concert hall catering anything between 2000-3000 attendees would be optimal. Yet I am unsure as to which venue in Singapore can cater to that. (EDIT: Seems like the Mastercard Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands has a seated capacity of 2155, which fits perfectly)

As for ticket pricing, I’d probably go for three tier pricing, namely:
– $168
– $118
– $78

Depending on which artistes Lantis and Amuse manage to bring in, the amount of tickets catered to the respective tiers can be adjusted accordingly. Anything more and the hardcore fans may be turned off at the high price, and any lower and the tickets won’t be able to cover its costs.

I was really glad when Amuse Singapore announced Lantis Festival. Things are certainly shaping up in both the Jpop and Anison music scene. Also, I will write on my artiste picks for the upcoming Avex’s a-nation concert. Stay tuned!


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  1. Summerqueen July 24th, 2014 10:00 pm

    A factor to be considered for all of these festivals, though perhaps less so for Seoul and Taipei, because they are relatively short flights from Fukuoka, is that KISHOW doesn’t like to fly. At all. And has stated before that Granrodeo will never perform outside Japan so long as he’s the lead singer. They emphasized this in a recent interview (a month ago), encouraging east Asian fans to come see them play in Fukuoka when they are next here…. Not that it can’t happen, but it’s less likely than the other artists who have gone abroad before (Jam Project, Kuribayashi, faylan, Aso Natsuko, Sphere, etc.)

  2. sentinel011 July 24th, 2014 10:29 pm


    Oh wow, that’s a real pity for overseas fans. They have so much potential in the region, especially in East Asia. Thanks for providing this very interesting titbit!

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