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Avex Trax’s a-nation concert artist and pricing predictions


Aside from Anison, ask any teenager in the 90s and early 2000s and they will tell you that Japanese Pop will most likely have a place in their music library. One of the biggest music companies in Japan, Avex Trax used to retail tons of CDs produced and marketed by their Taiwan and Hong Kong counterparts in Singapore. Sadly, the J-pop flame died right before the K-pop fever took over.

But with the resurgence of Japanese music, more and more Japanese performers and artistes look towards Singapore as a place to perform, more than ever before. And with that, Avex decided to have Singapore as one of the venues to hold their Summer concert “a-nation” in October later this year.

At press time (okay this is just a blog, but hey, it means at the moment this article is published) the performers list has yet to be revealed. Hence, here are my predictions on the artist list as well as the ticket pricing tiers.

(Disclaimer: in no way am I associated with Avex and/or its partners. The following are speculations based on my personal observations)

Source: Artist List taken from Avex site

The following artists are picked from their popularity within Singapore, past and present. The older crowd are far more willing to fork out the dough for higher tier tickets, while the younger audience still makes up the bulk of the audience.

Namie Amuro, EXILE, Otsuka Ai, SPEED, AAA, Hamasaki Ayumi, Do As Infinity, Koda Kumi, Every Little Thing, BoA

First up, Koda Kumi‘s music style would certainly stir up the crowd, especially among the men. She can still perform her classics, and despite her age, still looks pretty darn hot. To offset the high level of testosterone among the audience, EXILE would certainly get the female crowd cheering with their hit songs. For something a little more familiar, I reckon Do As Infinity, Every Little Thing or Otsuka Ai will be able to fulfil expectations.

Now at this point, you may wonder why neither pop divas Namie Amuro nor Hamasaki Ayumi were mentioned to perform. The reason is pretty simple: For Namie Amuro, it is probably due to the bad experience her management had with Midas Promotions; As for Ayu, I reckon that Avex does not want to pull out its trump card in its first gig in Singapore, and will leave it up to the subsequent a-nation concerts. Besides, her stage setup is so elaborate that one may think that they’re in a castle and not a concert.

As for AAA, they can replace both EXILE and Koda Kumi if costs were the issue. BoA can add a bit of spice and nostalgia for mature fans.

New and Classic
Acid Black Cherry, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, Motsu, May J, BACK-ON, DA PUMP, m-flo, nightmare

Motsu and BACK-ON have quite a number of tie-ups with Anison, and with the latter’s recent success in performing Gundam Build Fighters’ theme songs, BACK-ON will certainly be able to engage the younger crowd. The mature audience will probably be entertained well with either m-flo or DA PUMP’s music style. To top it off, nightmare, Acid Black Cherry or BOOM BOOM SATELLITES can fit into the last slot and still be able to rock the crowd.

I would have included moumoon and CREAM here, but sadly both artists have performed in Singapore not to long ago, especially moumoon.

So here’s my final list: (Total 22 songs, around 3 hour setlist)
Koda Kumi(Starting, 1 song)
Every Little Thing (3 songs)
nightmare (2 songs)
Motsu + m-flo (3 songs)
BACK ON (2 songs)
Koda Kumi (3 songs)
Otsuka Ai (4 songs)
EXILE (Last, 4 songs)

As for ticket pricing, I reckon it can go as high as $228(15%) for the best seats, with $168(35%) for the mid tier and $98(45%) for the cheapest.

I know my list could be a lot better, but hey, it’s Avex’s first foray into Singapore’s concert scene. J-pop fans are all waiting with bated breaths, though the majority of their cash have been taken by Mizuki Nana’s and (soon to be) Perfume’s, when public tickets for Perfume goes on sale on August 16. Avex needs to announce their artist list quickly before it’s too late!

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