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Gundam Build Fighters Try PV, G-Reco update

An English subbed PV was uploaded on YouTube yesterday (22/8) found out via Gundam Guy, watched it and thought I’d write something on it :P

Gundam Build Fighters Try

Thoughts on the PV

7 years…
Ral looks to be doing well.
The set GP base voice sound more energetic.

First reveal of Kamiki Mirai on the photo Sekai is holding?
Ok, her profile is up in the offcial site and Ral’s too.
Not up at the English site though so I’ll do a rough translation:

Kamiki Mirai
A 2nd year of the Seiho Academy high school division. A ravishing beauty, she also appear on fashion magazines as a dokusha model. She watches over her brother who is really into Gunpla Battles warmly.

For Ral, this time he will be involved as the coach of the Seiho Gunpla Club.

Thinking back China is into arts, looks like her brother is influenced by her?

From recent scans we know that the Powered GM Cardigan is Fumino’s previous Gunpla. Its profile is up at the offcial site as well.
Nothing interesting in its description though but the color scheme is revealed (in the PV too).

Yajima logo on the GP base.

Looking at this trailer perhaps the first arc is introduction, then dwelling to the backstory of Yuuma and Fumino. Overcoming their weakness and solidifying the teamwork of Team Try Fighters.
(The overcome weakness part has no scenes for Sekai.)

The story leads up to the Japan championship.
Will it stop there? Or next the World championship?
Any crisis? How will the season 1 characters make their appearance?
Is there more to the Jigen Haou Style?

Overall a no spoiler PV :P
Bulk of my thoughts ans speculations of GBFT are in my previous post.

Other GBFT stuff

Source for below is the GBFT offcial site topics page.

Opening and ending themes

Its been announced that the opening will be by BACK-ON and ending by SCREEN mode.
The songs will be performed on 20th September at the Bandai Namco Anime Camp 2014 event.

1st episode advanced screening in Japan

500 readers of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, Hobby Japan, Model Graphix, Gundam Ace and the Gundam.INFO website will be treated to the screening at the Shinjuku Piccadilly.
The screening is on 3rd October, a few days before the anime airs on TV on the 8th.

Fan design selection

Like the first season, GBFT will include some fan designs in the anime too. Seems like selection will include sources from Gunpla, Gundam Try Age and the just announced Gundam Breaker 2.

GUNDAM Reconguista in G

Thought I’d look into the G-Reco site as well.
Theres some new character profiles and some news on DVD and BD releases.
The 3 character profiles are already at Gundam.Info’s translations.

Looks like that yellow head MS that was leaked early on will be called Elf Bull(? leaked pic says Elf Black though) and will be piloted by Dellensen Samatar.

[4/9/2014 addon]
Not enough to warrant a new post so I’ll just tag it here.
Just watched the 3rd PV released some days ago.

Thoughts on the PV

I suppose all that footage is from episode 1?

Battle that decides the future of mankind?
Constant stating of RC being after UC.

Is there some secret of the end of UC being covered by some huge lie by the Capital Territory bigwigs and the Pirates are fighting to reveal it? Maybe not as it feels too much like Unicorn :P

lol, what if Bellri eventually becomes a Char-like figure leading the Pirates to independence?
How about the start of the Moonrace?
Just some wild thoughts :P?

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