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G-Reco: About “Sky Gundam”

Pretty nice design isn’t it? Apparently this is one of the 3 pictures given as an “Early Designs Set” to attendees of the “Creators Talk Night” event at the last screening of G-Reco’s special advance cut at Shinjuku Piccadilly. But is it an early design of G-Self or a hint of the mid-season upgrade?

The answer is its NOT both.
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Just saw that image in the morning (late again :P) and it spurred me to go looking for some explanation.
Luckily theres some. I’ll pick out one of them.

Dengeki Hobby Web article

[article link]

I’ll zoom in to the section at the picture of the Sky Gundam somewhere half-way.
Its a conversation between Ogata Naohiro (producer?) and Yasuda Akira (one of the mecha designers)

A rough translation:

About the Sky Gundam (tentative name) by Yasuda-san

Ogata: Last summer in the Skyper CM where Tomino-san appeared, Tomino-san wanted to show an image of G-Self in it. But to reveal something a year ahead in a Sky Perfect CM isn’t right. “Yasuda-san, sorry to bother you but can you draw me a dummy Gundam design?” And its from that comes this Sky Gundam.

Yasuda: At first I told the director its the Strike Witches Gundam, he looked at me with a stern cold expression (audiences laughed)

Ogata: The director is probably confused. Well, anyway Sky Gundam is not an early design of G-Self. Its originally a dummy design, please do not misunderstand.

So from those lines its revealed that “Sky Gundam” is just a design drawn up by Yasuda Akira to substitute G-Self in a Sky Perfect CM in October 2013 (on request of Director Tomino?).

Anyway heres that CM:

Look at the picture stuck on the wall, upper right area.

Also theres a little backstory for Sky Gundam.
From this other article, its said that its made by SNRI.
(The last line in the paragraph after the 3 sample pictures says “SNRI made” is written on it or something.)


People are liking the design.
Will it be a candidate for a side story mecha?

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