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a-nation Singapore 2014 report [Part 1]

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If there’s a sentence to summarize a-nation Singapore 2014, it would be “Superb performers, disappointing audience“.

Through many years of attending concerts locally and in Japan, I have never been to a concert with audience that’s so mundane and boring. I would have thought that at least by now, most concert attendees of Japanese artistes would have known more than just sitting down on their butts when the concert starts, regardless of the venue. And that pretty much plagued every performing artiste at a-nation right up to Ayumi Hamasaki’s slot.

Alright, enough ranting. Back to the report!

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The pre-concert performance was done by home-grown singer Stella Seah. Her vocals were strong and well controlled, which made it pleasurable experiencing her performance. However, Stella needs either a better song and/or music composer to create one that suits her vocals, though some may argue the same thing vice versa. Nevertheless, a young singer with great potential.

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Wagakki Band was next, and I am thoroughly impressed with how charismatic they are when they perform. The group performed their own rendition of the popular Senbonzakura, made famous by Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. Frankly speaking, I’m not exactly a fan of Vocaloids or the songs produced under them, but this particular one was very, very well done.

I have this soft spot for traditional eastern musical instruments, be it from China or Japan, so this eclectic mix of traditional and modern play style fascinates and attracts me to the group. While I thoroughly enjoyed Senbonzakura, the following 3 songs didn’t leave me as strong an impression, but were still good.

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Next up was Taiwanese artiste Aaron, which is very similar to many Taiwanese young male artistes – dance/pop style with some ballads. He does perform theme songs for some local drama productions, but sadly it is lost to many of the audience there, except for a few with neon fan signs.

Not my cup of tea, but not bad.

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Sonar Pocket followed up soon after, and finally managed to get the audience to stand. (after much prompting from the emcee as well; more on the emcee later in Part 2) Their music direction reminds me of a good mix of electric pop heavily influenced by other Vocaloid DJs, minus the overdone crazy bass.

The singers within the group are also worth mentioning, as they have good vocals to carry off the ballads they have created.

– LOWRY’S FARM Girls Award –

The small five minute segment was pretty nice. The ladies did their thing (catwalking, you gutterbrains), showcasing some of LOWRY’S FARM clothing catalogue. The ladies teased the front-most audience when they removed some of their clothing add toss it over to them. (again, only coats and hats, you gutterbrains)

Among the models featured, Lena Fuji and Nicole Ishida were the most charismatic, spontaneous and beautiful. It’s something about their catwalk that exudes this bubbly, yet sophisticated aura that does not translate well in their photos.

Read Part 2 here when it’s ready

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