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LEVEL 3 in Tokyo Dome report


Yes I know, it’s almost a year late for my report (and the Blu-ray’s already out). But it’s my first trip to watch Perfume in Japan with other Singaporeans! Of course, meeting worldwide WPTA fans as well.

Oh, and if you’re -still- waiting for my JPN Tour report, I’ve mostly forgotten all the emcee segments from then. Didn’t take any photos either. By and large, it was very similar to the JPN Tour DVD’s experience. I’ll probably do a short post using screencaps from the DVD footage and google maps photos, but we’ll see.

Also, this report is more like a recap on what happened before and after the concert. To understand the concert experience, please purchase their Blu-rays or DVDs.

Since most of us took the chance to have a long trip, the bunch of us had our own itinerary until the few days before/after the concert. Shared a room with 4 other Perfume fans about a couple of days before the concert. The hotel/hostel is a 10 minutes walk from Tokyo Dome, so it’s really convenient to head back and rest after having a meal nearby.

Seated area for day 1 and day 2 – click on image to view

Anyway back to the two concert days.


We arranged to gather at a nearby train station at 8.45AM before heading to the goods queue at 9AM. The goods queue wasn’t nearly as long as what I’ve experienced back in 2010, and there were two areas which you can purchase your goods. The booths were open earlier this time as well, and we were done by 11AM. The rest of the time it was mostly taking pictures of cosplayers.








All cosplay image rights belong to Evans Huang and the respective cosplayers

Ume arrived in time only for the 25th concert, so she missed out on Kashiyuka’s interpretation of Doraemon. (that said, the Blu-ray has that segment)


We decided to take a picture with a cosplayer who was cosplaying as Nocchi in Baby Cruising Love PV, and after a short chat, the cosplayer realized that she’s talking to Ume. (for those who aren’t familiar, Ume’s live translation of WT1 Singapore was immortalized in DVD/BD, and became pretty popular among the Japanese twitter groups). The cosplayer subsequently went and give her a glomp and fangirling ensued. That scenario was…. amusing to watch. :3


There was another notable cosplayer whose features resemble a lot like a-chan, and she’s quite pretty as well.

The following day was a Perfume Fans gathering from all over the world. We ate at a famous okonomiyaki restaurant 10 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station. The session was split into two groups, since the restaurant couldn’t accommodate all of us. Of course, there’s also the obligatory gathering photo.


That’s about as much as I’d like to blog with regards to last year’s LEVEL3 concert-centric 21-day Tokyo trip. Will be following up with World Tour 3 Singapore soon!

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