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Perfume – World Tour 3 in Singapore report (Part 1 – Changi Airport)


Perfume ended their 3rd World Tour last weekend in New York. And now I can finally blog about it.

To commemorate and show appreciation to the ladies, we decide to produce fans this time for the encore surprise instead of singing a post-encore song.
T-shirt for the ladies

Fans for the encore surprise

With much luck, we managed to ascertain the flight arrival timing, and promptly went to Changi Airport to receive them. As expected, the NHK staff were there, as well as barricades set up, an indication that they will be arriving a couple of hours later. A couple of us brought cameras as well, even GoPros. (Video footage from the left and right.)

Waiting in anticipation





Luckily, we managed to give them flowers and the gift package. Kashiyuka and a-chan received them, while Nocchi awkwardly wakes past without taking one of the bouquets. -sigh- oh Nocchi.

Will update part 2 soon!

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