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Master Grade Red Warrior TYPE-S build log [PART 1]

So after watching the latest episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try last week, Meijin Kawaguchi III’s custom mobile suit, the Amazing Red Warrior appeared. Since I lack the cash to purchase the kit, not to mention the kit’s not even out yet, I dug out my trove of Gunpla parts and kits within my wardrobe to create my own version of the Red Warrior, in Master Grade form.

[03/01/2015 update]
Parts used:
– MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. One Year War (core frame)
– NG 1/144 Gundam Virtue (shoulder boosters)
– HGBF Powered Arms Powereder
– HG 1/144 Astray Red Frame Flight Type (shield/beam saber hilt)
– Pla-plates (0.5mm thickness)
Hobby Base Kimete Mechanical Hand 1/100 (black)

So the first order of business is to clip off the unnecessary parts – the red chin and the shoulder armour pegs. I also cut off the front portion of NG 1/144 Gundam Virtue’s shoulder cannons to be used as Red Warrior’s shoulder verniers.

I don’t have much skill or experience in creating armour from pla-plates (probably my 3rd/4th time?) – the previous attempts were pretty horrible. This is probably the only time I’m quite satisfied with the result, though a lot of patching up to do with the stray gaps.

Next, I cut off a piece of pla-plate and bended it to create Red Warrior’s face plate. I’ve also cut pla-plates to fill in the gap on the skirt armours.


Shoulder verniers test ‘fit’ and left knee armour done

Second knee done

I’ve managed to obtain HGBF Powered Arms Powereder from a nearby local plamo shop cheaply while re-stocking my 5-year-old Tamiya Extra Thin plastic cement. Drilled some holes onto the required areas and did a test fit.

Looks good, but position of the manipulator from the backpack looks odd – needs some adjustment


Full speed mode – changed the peg positions on the backpack

Will update more as I go along. For the latest image updates, head over to my Plamo page at Sentinel Works!

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