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I’m 30! Reflections time

For those who know me personally, I turned 30 about a month ago. Yes, a milestone in my life where my career should be taking off by now.

But let’s go away from such things and focus on my journey to my hobbies, shall we?

I’ll start from the beginning.

When I was around or younger the age of 5, the very first anime I watch was Grendizer from RTM1. My family had a car, and every time my father drove through an underpass I’d imagine myself as Duke Freed. Of course, I didn’t know the actual name of any of the characters as I was too young back then. From there, the mecha anime genre greatly intrigued me. Didn’t help that I own my first PC (486 running on MS-DOS) when I was 5. That much I remembered clearly.

Over the next few years, Dragon Ball Z greatly interests me. My family wasn’t exactly well-to-do, and the PC was probably an investment my parents saw in nurturing me and my brother. Which kinda helped, since it got me my current job without any relevant qualifications.

That went on to more mature anime like Ghost in the Shell, Gundam 0083, Evangelion and the like. I wasn’t exactly hooked onto Gundam until after watching Gundam 0083. Prior to that, I had owned several SD Gundams, but it either broke to pieces or stuff to that degree. I was almost 10 years old then. That triggered my interest in Gunpla. And due to my shy nature and weak constitution, I was never the active or friendly sort. So Gunpla, video games and reading took up most of my free time.

For 3 years I experimented with water soluble acrylic paints, with disastrous results. I managed to get the hang of it once I turned to spray cans. Took up Gundam Wing Endless Waltz 1/100 kit commissions then, but because all of us were poor students, I end up either breaking even or making a loss. During the period where I got quite good with hand painting with lacquer paints, I got to know iron2000 in school. We were from the same class, and he shared many similar hobbies with me, with the love for mecha and video games related to it.

After secondary school, I decided to do something to get out of my introverted self. So I went to several local anime gatherings and small events. That’s where I came across the local cosplay community. I thought, “hey, that sounds fun and I get to meet many people around my age group who like anime.”

So I ended up cosplaying. With props made out of cardboard and I borrowed a suit from an older member of the community. He’s my polytechnic senior then, in the same anime club. Within a year of knowing him, he decided to take his own life due to reasons not known to me. But some guessed that it could possibly be due to a broken relationship. I didn’t want to dig so much into it, since I’m not confident enough to assume that I was ‘close’ to him. That period where I focused on cosplaying was the time Gunpla took the backstage seat. I also joined the fighting game community during this period as well, but when my game of choice started to be messed up, I slowly removed myself from the scene as well.

Gradually, due to the clash of mindsets and my waning interest in cosplaying, I decide to leave the scene quietly. Life was pretty rocky at this point – personal life was in the pits, I didn’t complete my tertiary education, and I had to enlist into National Service not long after.

And then I decided to try blogging during the last few months of my National Service stint. To vent out my frustrations and make new friends. That was when I became friends with Ume, and we decide to create this blog.

I could have said more about my career from then till now, but I’ll just keep that part short. This blog was my gateway to the Japanese entertainment and anime industry, before situations turn sour and life moved on. There were ups, and there were plenty of downs as well. I haven’t gotten back into a relationship since my NS days till now. Everything else that anyone needs to know has already been archived into this blog.

How will things turn out for me now? Well, who knows? Gunpla will still be my therapeutic hobby of choice. Mostly hobbies that don’t require too much human interaction. That said, I fully cherish all the friends I’ve made thus far, and would most certainly love to be able to spend time to catch up on stuff. And maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll be able to find my life partner within the next 10 years.

Life may seem like a constant turmoil, and we don’t know for sure how we’ll be able to find peace with our actions and consequences. Yet sometimes words like “I work to upkeep my hobbies” provide some breathing space to an otherwise jaded mind.

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  1. Kenzan September 11th, 2015 7:38 am

    pretty interesting (and eventful) journey you have there.

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