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5 bad habits some cosplayers do in their community


Cosplay can be said to be mostly for teenagers and young adults, since most characters in anime fit that age profile. But putting people who have yet to earn money for their own survival to go straight on into cosplay can be a recipe for nightmare not just unto themselves, but to the community as well. Here are some of the bad habits that cosplayers tend to do:

1) Cosplay for every single anime/cosplay event in their country
Cosplay takes time, effort and money to make yourself look good as the character you’re cosplaying. Sure, cheap costumes from Taobao can be had, and there are plenty of cosplayers who pursue perfection in their look. However, this can be costly, and rack up to the hundreds of dollars per costume. Let’s say there’s an average of 12-15 of such events in Singapore – that would mean easily spending thousands on cosplay in a year alone. I don’t think most teenagers have that kind of money to sustain, which brings me to…

2) Frequent borrowing cash from people within the cosplay community
Cosplay is an expensive hobby. We get it. Make-up, wigs, props, materials, you name it. Unless one is raking at least $1000 per month in allowance, I doubt teenagers have the capacity to sustain that kind of spending. These younger cosplayers tend to borrow cash from the older, working class members of the community, and there isn’t a time where refusing to return the money hasn’t surfaced. If you think having cosplay as a hobby is expensive enough, there’s more!

3) Cosplay is not their only expensive hobby

Figuring collecting. Merchandise. Overseas trips. All these flaunt your lavish lifestyle, and portray your dedication to your waifu/husbando(s), but it’s all a facade.

4) Improper care of once-worn costumes

What do some of the cosplayers do after wearing them? They just chuck it in the bag. They don’t wash it, and there’s barely any non-tailored costume that is suitable for machine-wash. Not many would take the effort to handwash their costumes either. Your guess is as much as mine when it comes to hygiene levels in second-hand costumes…

5) bashing other cosplayers

Now this article may be an oxymoron towards this topic, but I assure you, this has been a reoccurring habit. It is obvious that cosplay is all about visual representation of the character, so when one preps a cosplay test photo (costest in short), they may overlook certain areas. And then the internet being the internet, bashing ensues. There are many other related and not-so-related subjects that involve bashing, but let’s not go to that area.


These are some of the bad habits that cosplayers tend to do in their pursuit to being the “sempai” or “idol” within the community. How I see cosplay? It’s the same as any other hobby. Spend within your limits and be dedicated to your craft. Nothing more, nothing less.

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