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The feels is definitely in this trailer, and while this isn’t anime, but it’s relevant to me and it’s my blog :P

I have been watching most of the Marvel movies from the MCU line and the ones produced by Fox. I have been following the production details trailing behind Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last movie as the titular Wolverine. It takes references closely from the comics adaptation of Old Man Logan.

I do know that the movie trailer has quite a bit of difference with the actual comics storyline, so here’s how I think the story of the movie goes:

It begins in a fairly distant future, with a pathogen that wiped out a large percentage of Mutants. At a graveyard of buried mutants, Logan remembers what Beast said about how things always find their way. Logan feels powerless to stop it, and the hundreds of years that has passed and the actions he has done has done nothing to stop the people he loves from dying prematurely. And thus he decides to live the life of a recluse once more.

Meanwhile, Professor X is still alive, but barely. Even on his deathbed he is able to use his powers, and somehow detects a young girl with mutant powers, wandering in the wasteland. He directs her to Logan through his powers, and contacts Logan to receive him. Professor X also knows about Essex Corp at this time, and can sense who the girl really is.

When the trio met up, Professor X describes of his plan to deliver the girl to a special lab which is capable of stopping the pathogen’s effects onto the existing mutants. Professor X tells Logan to hurry, as there’s a crew of mercenaries hunting down the girl. Feeling the need to protect her, he accepts the task, and the trio goes on a roadtrip.

At this time, we see Mr Sinister, who later reveals his motives throughout the movie: his aim was to cleanse the world of mutants who defy him, before creating his own mutant clone army to take over the world. X-23, the girl who escaped, is the key to his master plan.

Along the way, the trio bumps into the mercenaries engaged by Essex Corp. With the pathogen greatly inhibiting the powers of Professor X and Logan, the mercenaries made quick work, and kidnapped both Professor X and the girl, leaving Logan heavily injured but not dead, as his adamentium skull saves him from being shot in the head.

Logan eventually follows the mercenaries to a swanky building where they made a pitstop before delivering Professor X and the girl to Essex Corp. Logan unleashes his berserker rage and picks off the mercenaries one by one by surprise, assisted by X-23. The trio managed to escape, but unfortunately Professor X was shot during the mess and eventually dies. Logan buries him at a nearby forest.

Mr Sinister personally tracks down Logan and quickly disables him with his powers. As Logan slowly dies, X-23 loops off Mr Sinister’s arms from the back, not before she gets kicked by him while he regenerates. Logan then stabs Mr Sinister, and with his pathogen infected blood mixed with his failing mutant powers, it disables Mr Sinister’s regenerative powers. X-23 then deals the fatal blow to Mr Sinister. Logan and X-23 then shared their last moments together.

Years later, a burly man delivers a vial to a mutant, giving her the prescription to reverse the pathogen’s effects. The burly man then returns to a high-tech building, with a chamber and a timer set for 2xxx. He speaks to a spunky teenage girl with long hair, and he gives her a package. She opens and peeks into it before closing it.

“Good bye, Dad. I will miss you.” She says. She then proceeds into the chamber, before being zapped into nothingness.

The man then sits on a rocking chair, lit a cigar. The camera then shows his right hand eventually loses energy and swings downwards, cigar dropping onto the floor. END

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