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Marvel Cinematic Universe – Avengers 4 [PART 1]

Though I’m not as big of a western comics fan compared to Japanese anime and manga, I still hold considerable interest in the medium. The development of the Marvel Cinematic excited me, even though they couldn’t follow the comics exactly I still could appreciate it being adapted appropriately, in the essence of what each character within their universe, and telling a cohesive, intertwining story through their multitude of movies throughout the past decade.

With the Disney-FOX deal almost confirmed and set in stone, let’s delve into speculative territory of this two part article and come up with this theory of mine on how Marvel can proceed on with the use of their previously unusable characters.

First, let’s speculate how Avengers 4’s plot might be.

Jessica Chobot best explained the possible theories lurking around the interwebs, and I agree with her on having the Quantum Realm as a means to head back to the past. However, what will be the events leading up to Avengers 4 with that in mind?

After the remaining Avengers recollect themselves after the initial battle, the members at the planet Titan decide to return to Earth. Just as they were about to, Captain Marvel appears through a portal (or more likely going at Light Speed, akin to Star Wars spaceships), and transports the remaining crew back to Earth with her.

The other members questioned Captain Marvel, and she told the team briefly about her origins, and that apparently Nick Fury has been secretly updating Captain Marvel with the happenings of the Avengers in the event of a Universal Crisis, and has the ability to track each and every one of the members of the team.

She headed straight to Wakanda, as she detected that most of the members are there. The existing members updated each other on the happenings in their own fight against Thanos. Thor updated the team about Eitri, the person who made Stormbreaker. Wasting no time, they split up into two groups. One team focuses on finding the remaining members, while the brains of the team (Stark/Banner) went with Thor to find Eitri and learn from him on how to craft mystical weapons that can give them an edge to reverse the events of Avengers 3. Suri remained on Earth as temporary leader of Wakanda.

So the rest went with Captain Marvel to hunt for the remaining members who didn’t get wiped out by Thanos’ finger snap; all but one person – Ant Man, gathered. She cannot detect his presence as he was stuck in the Quantum Realm, so she scanned around his city block for any other clues. The 2nd team found the equipment used in the events of the Ant Man and the Wasp’s end credits scene. They managed to get Ant Man out of the Quantum Realm.

Ant Man updated the team about what he experienced. And just as the team updated him back, a time vortex happens -outside- of the Quantum Realm, and the screen blacks out.

Apparently, while in the Quantum Realm, Ant Man fell into a time vortex, which so happens to be right in the middle of the events of Avengers 1. He went “oh no, back here again?” and was wondering if he’s stuck in a time loop. The moment he tries to warn the Avengers about Thanos and how Loki’s army is related, and that they will have to come up with countermeasures to face him – the time vortex reverts him back to “present day” – during the events of Civil War. Everyone was at the same location, just a lot less distressed.

So it is now 2 years before the events of Avengers 3 – the events of the Civil War didn’t happen, as Thor would already have gotten his Stormbreaker and defeated Hela with it. Apparently the timeline shifted forward. Janet was already rescued from the Quantum Realm, and that they had finally found everyone who were in the existing team.

The 1st team that went to find Eitri has created a new Infinity Gauntlet for Captain Marvel to wield. The team had managed to gather up the rest of the Infinity Stones during the previous events after Avengers 2, except for Soul stone as they are unwilling to sacrifice a person’s life for the Stone.

Power – Thor had Heimdall find Guardians of the Galaxy, after which Thor went along with them to retrieve the Power stone from the Nova Corp.
Reality – Guardians of the Galaxy went with Thor to retrieve the Stone from the Collector with some assistance from the Nova Corp.
Space – from the vault of Asgard
Time – from Dr Strange’s Eye of Agamotto
Mind – Suri separated the stone from Vision

To muster as much advantage as possible to defeat Thanos, the Avengers convinced Banner to have his mind merged with the Hulk, with the help of the Mind and Reality stones.

With these odds, the Avengers managed to defeat the mad Titan and avoided the events of Avengers 3. Just as Thanos draws his last breath, another time vortex appears. The camera switches to black screen. Credits roll.

End credits scene – the camera moves around an office, then to an article of the Avengers defeating Thanos, then onto the desk. There’s a name plate on the desk that reads “Professor Charles Xavier – Dean”

Image source: SuperDude001 from Deviantart

Alternative end credits scene – workers were renovating the former Avengers tower, with the camera slowly panning towards the Fantastic 4 logo replacing the Avengers A logo.


I wrote Captain Marvel to be this really powerful character, thanks to Kevin Feige’s description and her comic book source materials. Watch the video below for the explanation:

Next up, I will be digging into how Marvel can make use of some of the villians in the Spiderman universe into the MCU, who’s the next big bad in the next couple of phases, and how the confirmed sequels plot points. Stay tuned!

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